Twist-On Lip


Rebekah S.

I absolutely adore this formula and the design! I have thinner lips, and love the way these sort of automatically create that ombré look that makes my lips look fuller while giving them dimension. I find the formula quite comfortable, as it doesn’t dry my lips out as the day glides on easily, doesn’t pull or tug, and doesn’t feather. It also doesn’t migrate into the fine lines around my lips, which is a huge plus! I find these invaluable for those moments when I don’t have time for a full-on lip liner and lipstick routine, but still need to look polished!

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Emily S.
Allergic reaction!

I really love ombré lips so I was excited to try this. I never used any makeup with citronella extracts in it so I swatched it on my forearm first. It has a very pungent smell that reminds me of mosquito candles and it was sort of off putting. After ten minutes I didn’t feel anything so I applied it to my lips. Then suddenly my entire body started itching. Where I put in on my lips started to get very hot and itchy. The place where I swatched it on my arm started breaking out in hives. I immediately took it off but the reaction was severe enough that I had to take Benadryl. I really liked the color of this on my lips but the citronella is a huge issue. I don’t understand why a makeup brand would put such a skin irritant in their product. :(

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