Lips Full Color


Tessa B.

So addicted! Love this stuff! Don't expect much color from the glosses- they are glosses! If you want more color they make a full on lipstick in a large pencil looking container. Layer the two and you are good to go! Stays well and looks pretty!

Mary P.
gloss is long wearing

I'm not as crazy for lipglosses as I am for lipstick but my friend recommended this gloss and I like it. It lasts for a long time. I'm just not a fan of the tingly feeling of the lip plump. When I bought it I also didn't realize it was a plumper and I'm not sure if I notice any plumping going on because my lips are already full but the shades of colors are nice.

Lauren D.
Great plumping lip gloss!
Photo of product included with review by Lauren D.

I have this lip gloss in multiple shades because I love it so much. It plumps your lips without making them feel like they've caught some sort of disease, but still has a nice little tingle. The colors are beautiful and last a long time on my lips. It's a little sticky, but for a plumping lip gloss I'd rather it be sticky and stay put than runny and get in my mouth and make my tongue numb! Give them a try!