Burt's Bees

Radiance Day Creme


Charlotte H.
Silky Soft!

What I absolutely loved about this cream is how light it is. If you are the kind of person to apply moisturizer throughout the day or just before putting your make-up on, this is the cream that i would recommend. It is not a thick cream and the absorbency rate is very fast, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. I also found that I could use very little and it could cover my entire face and neck. If you are not a fan of the scent Royal Jelly then i suggest you skip this cream, as that's what it mostly smells of. The thing i like the most about this product is the fact it comes in a wide glass jar. One because I don't really like things that come in plastic packaging and two, the wide opening allows you to use right down to the last spec of it. There is something worst than knowing there is product left in the container, and not being able to get it out. So this is perfect!

Overall great product and will use on a regular basis.

Julianne J.
Love it

Love this! The packaging and design are elegant and classy (I also have a thing for makeup/products that are in tubs/cute containers). The jar is a little heavy, as its made from glass, maybe even plexi glass, not so sure. So it is a little chunky and I would recommend storing this in a little zippered pouch or pocket when traveling, or even at home, to keep it protected from possible breakage. The actual product smells heavenly- its created from a mix of interesting natural, botanical ingredients, so the scent has a unique, one of a kind quality. I also love the texture. This cream is thick and creamy and applies wonderfully, like silk on my skin. Because my skin is so very parched, I can apply a nice little glob all over and within minutes my face has absorbed all the moisture. Burt's Bees is a fantastic brand, and I have yet to find anything shady about their products or practices (although I am not completely trusting about any cosmetic brand, even Burt's, because they are such a huge company). The ingredients are free of your typical, added foaming, thickening and preserving agents, like lauryl sulfate, parabens, etc. However, the Radiance line also includes a Radiance Night Creme, as well as this Day Creme I am reviewing. Since I like to throughly inspect a product before purchase, including scanning the ingredients, I'm pretty sure I noticed that the Night Creme consists of the same ingredients as the Day Creme, so buying both (unless you know you like it and want to stock up on more) isn't the best idea if you're on a little bit of a budget. You can just use the one jar day AND night if you like. Another little drawback, although more significant, is the price. I cannot recall the exact price, but I know it is not cheap- maybe 12 or 13 dollars, and up. But it has lasted me a good amount of time, although I'm at the halfway point in the jar. If you're willing to splurge though, this little beauty is hard to pass up. It really is a little "Radiant" creme! ( I think the Radiance line is geared toward the anti-aging crowd, but no matter- its great for anyone!)