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Burt's Bees

Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter


Bobbi W.
Real gud

This stuff is great.! It smells so good and feels nice on my lips.! I wear it all the time and I put it on before my lip gloss to moisturize, it works wonders :)

Chelsea T.

This is my current lip balm. And I have to say this works fine for me. My lips gets dry easily and it does moisturizes it enough leaving my lips soft and nourished. I love the mango butter smell so that's a plus!

Jan A.
thank goodness for This

I have used Blistex, Carmex and yes chapstick but this seems to be the only on that consistently moisturizes and makes my lips feel amazing. I picked this up on whim at Duane Reade to try it out and I am so glad I did. I have had experience with Burt's Bees before ( lotion) but I never knew they had lip balms as well. very glad i found this.

Lynn R.

My younger cousin was using this and I tried it once then was HOOKED. I had a bad experience with a different burts bees lip balm. I think it was one with honey in it? It was hard to put on ( it was literally a hard texture) and didn't moisturize. A lot of chapsticks make the inner part of my lip white and gross, but this one doesn't! It moisturizes and makes my lips beautiful.

Beth A.
Great product

Really great product that smells amazing! I use the product a lot and it always hydrates my lips. Unlike some lip balms, if you get it in your mouth it doesn't leave a horrible taste which is always a bonus!

Miranda H.

Wasn't very impressed. W hen I got this I thought it would be an amazing product like the shimmering lip balm but I was wrong. When i got home I was eager to try it. But when I opened it half the contents were stuck to the top of the cap and I couldn't get it out. The remains of the tube were a disappointment as well it went on very chunky and I was not pleased. Not worth your money.