Burt's Bees

Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment


Laaya A.
the best spot treatment I've ever used!

I was at Walmart, I believe when I bought this & I seen the Burt's Bees section and of course I wanted to see what they had there because I love the brand in every single way. The products are so natural and it works.. Kinda pricey for this especially for a small bottle, but it's worth it. I used this the first time and honestly, it made my acne scaring disappear in days, it even makes your pimples smaller and gives your face much more of a glow. It's wonderful and I surely recommend this product to anyone with acne. Use it before you get ready to go out (if your not wearing makeup) and when you go to bed. Make sure to wash your face first also, it gives it the best in results!

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Sarah T.
Love it!

This one is my fav out of all three i think because when i get a huge pimple & i put it on at night & i can feel it working already & by the morning its already smaller its amazing!

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Ariana G.
Works Like Magic!

My sister bought it at Walmart a couple weeks ago and I went crazy for it. I applied the product onto my acne spots and they were practically gone overnight. Its a miracle product. I thought that it was kinda pricey but it is completely worth it. You'll never stress about a pimple again with this product! The smell of it is great as well, its not a gross medicine smell like how some face products have, this one has a lemony citrus scent which is refreshing and invigorating. It also wont be as harmful as other products bcuz Burts Bees is almost completely natural. Fighting pimples the natural way...who couldnt love this product?

Pamela K.
Miracle in a bottle

I bought this stuff when I was getting hormonal acne. I dabbed some on my breakouts and literally overnight they were smaller or nearly gone! It's potent stuff but works wonders. Just wish the container was different since you end up using a lot of product.

PaJai P.
Great w/o Make-up

Tried it for a week, day and night, without wearing make-up, Worked wonders! Pimples are definitely smaller and scars did seem to fade away but the following week I went back to my make-up routine and went back to break-out lane. I'd recommend this product for people who are natural. Overall, did love this overly priced product.

Clover H.

At first I was concerned it's gonna sting, but it turned out ok, the smell was acceptable, but just not that much effect for me, though I liked the idea of natural products.