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Lip Balm Tin

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Hannah S.

I wish I would have gotten this for free to rate it because this thing it is above the roof it is an amazing its so soft and so awesome I love it it helps me with so much my lips are terrible and now they're amazing I'm so happy with this!!!

Shivani Z.

Loved it you could really feel the peppermint tingling on your lips I had super soft lips after a few days it was amazing the tin it came in was great and fits in your pocket

Ari Y.

As someone whose lips manage to dry out quite easily, I tend to hoard lip balms like crazy. I bought this on a whim actually, and thankfully was pleased with it! It's not the most moisturizing balm out there, especially if you have very dry lips, and I still prefer my Nivea lip balms because they're amazing at keeping my lips super hydrated; but as long as you exfoliate regularly and use this, it should work well for you!

I love the cooling effect of the peppermint, probably my favorite feature from this product. The packaging also makes it super convenient to bring around as it's small enough for me to slip into my pocket and reach for it whenever I need it. Some people don't like the fact that you have to use your fingers to apply it, but I personally don't mind. As long as I retouch this every so often throughout the day, it keeps my lips looking naturally healthy and hydrated! I also apply it to the inner corners of my mouth which sometimes dry out as well, and it does the job there too.

Full review on my blog: http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/2012/11/beeswax-lip-balm-burts-bees-review.html

Alexandria C.
Love it

This is an awesome 2-in-1 product! It adds a nice natural plump effect to my lips and makes them crazy soft. The only downside is that sometimes the mint can be a little over powering, which would be fine to most but Im not crazy for the small, or taste, of mint, and the packaging is so-so. But I mean, the lip balm itself is awesome.

Kaylah A.
Awrsome Product

Love this product. I have one of these everywhere, whether its the one in the pan or the one in the tube. I used to get really chapped lips and this helped a lot with it. My niece gets really bad chapped lips and i finally got her to use some of this and its also helped her alot.

Katie M.
alternative uses

I've used this for as long as I can remember to set my eyebrows. I just touch my finger to the lip balm and then swipe it across my eyebrows. It's a wax-based balm so as long as you use it sparingly your eyebrows look completely normal but stay in place. I prefer the tube packaging over the tin but this is AWESOME for a different use!

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Hailey S.
Its okay...

I'm not all that impressed with this product. It is nothing special. I do like the slight minty flavor. It doesn't do that much for my lips. I have two and after a while they started to taste old.

Kristy L.

Love it my lips stay moisturized for long time, has pleasant sensation on your lips, no taste to it, heals - helps with dryness, one down fall you have to use the back of the finger to apply it some people might not like it, over all awesome product

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Anita S.

This works best! I only thing is it gets harder to get out of the tin , but it's okay just use the back of your fingernails (unless you have nail polish on)

It's a great tin one because it's shallow - easier to get The only thing ppl might not like is the stinging sensation / it's slight but it's there