Brit Sheer


Ali C.
vibrant fragrance

a scent with just the right balance of fruity and floral. I'm not too much of a fan of fruity scents at all, but the "sweetness" of this is so subtle, I love it. I feel like the fragrance feels very proper yet fresh and youthful at the same time.. kind of exactly like the description burberry's publicity and advertising came up with. the only downfall I could think of is how strong it is, but that's pretty normal with perfume and I wouldn't call it a problem, just something to note.

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Varisa G.

This perfume smells amazing. It smells fruity and light floral. I don't find it to intense for my liking. There is something more to the sweet scent. This is my everyday go to perfume.

Nadia N.
Light fragrance

I love wearing this during the day and its easy to wear and not offending. It is very light and not too fruity or floral. I have a sample so far and I hope to get a new bottle. I even think this a great fragrance for teens cause its light and I have allergies and this never kicks up my allergies.

Jordyn M.
Beautiful scent

I bought this perfume on a whim, and have never regretted the purchase. The scent is at once both posh and refreshing, and is the perfect accessory when I'm feeling like dressing up. The bottle is also adorable, which is and additional plus!