Bumble and bumble.

Tonic Primer


Nadia N.
Amazing product

This detangles my hair fast and nicely plus it feels cool on the roots. It also is great as a leave in conditioner to use after using the Tonic shampoo for the scalp.

Melanie G.
Great detangler!

This is fairly pricey, but so far it is one of the only leave-in sprays I’ve found that actually detangles hair. While leave-in creams have worked okay for me in the past (Garnier Frutis’s to be exact), I really much prefer sprays as I feel like they give me a more even application. The smell of this spray is seriously intoxicating. It blew me away when I first used it because I wasn’t expecting it to smell so strong. Its very minty and almost herbal/medicinal. I find that it really clears my senses, but I can understand how some people might find it a bit overwhelming. As for the product itself, it detangles my hair nicely, and I noticed that even when I hadn’t used conditioner on my hair that day, I can still comb through my hair without much trouble. The tea tree oil ingredient in this is also great for my scalp (although I do not get the “tingling” sensation that is described on the packaging). I tend to also use this on my curls before I go to bed, and I notice that it prevents a lot of the frizz from creeping up when I’m sleeping and makes my second day curls look decent (usually they’re so bad that they go up in a ponytail immediately!).

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