Bumble and bumble.

Hair Powder - Brown


Noelle M.
Awesome Texture!

I had this applied to my hair today, never having used it before, and it was awesome! My hairs naturally super fine, and theres absolutely NO body, it's just as limp as could be. I also currently have some roots showing(my natural color is light/med brown, and I color it auburn. Using this powder helped blend my roots, as well as added texture to my hair without having to do basically anything to it, besides spraying this in at the scalp area, or anywhere I needed some texture for the updo I was getting. **I did not apply this myself, I was a hair model in a bumble and bumble edu. class for updos.** I will say this product is messy, but if you don't use it like hairspray you should be okay, just use a wet wipe to get rid of any color that gets anywhere, it doesn't stain(at least I didn't experience staining). But having been at the class and feeling the difference in my hair I would absolutely purchase this and intend to, esp. when other hairstylists mentioned that it helped blend my roots. You def. get some volume(what i mean is that this product will create a texture which allows you to add volume, like teasing) with this product(my hair was easy to tease after applying, otherwise it's not), and I typically don't experience that with a lot of powder sprays. Also if you don't really hold down the nozzle, the product will drip, so make sure you hold it down.