Bumble and bumble.

Hair Powder - Blondish


Alyson K.
More than one way to love it!

Bumble and bumble hair powder is great because it's a dry shampoo which means it's main function is to absorb oils. One of the best things about it coming in aerosol and not as a loose powder is that with an aerosol you get great added texture. It brings old hair styles or day two of hair styles back to life by adding that texture that us fine-haired ladies need. Putting a texturizing product onto the hair will produce a build up where this product absorbs the oil and does the exact opposite. So you don't get any build up, but you still get this amazing texture that your looking for.

It's great that it's travel size because it's so easy to hide in your purse. If you have fine hair and do your hair before work and want to go out in the evening, you can re-spray it at the root and it absorbs all those oils. Another added benefit is that it absorbs scents keeping your hair fresh on day two.

Say you go to a bar the night before and you get that bar smell in your hair... It'll get rid of it the next morning if you don't have time to shampoo your hair before work.

One of my favorite things about this stuff is that it deposits color, which is great if you have roots or re-growth. It can mask the color difference when you can't get back to the salon or if you can't color your hair that day. It's also great for people who have super fine or thinning hair who want something to fill in thinning layers. It will deposit color and you can spray it not only on your hair, but straight to your scalp if you have thinning hair.

This is one of my major go to's and has a lot of different uses that can benefit you in a number of everyday situations.

Hope you love it as much as I do!