Bumble and bumble.

(Retired) Seaweed Shampoo


Jamie B.
Highly Concentrated Formula Rocks & Jigs!

Seaweed shampoo rocks and jigs! Bumble and bumble Shampoos are very concentrated formulas. If you use any of the Bumble and bumble shampoos, it only takes a dime/quarter size amount (hairstylist's instructions) to do any style. I mention this because I've seen other reviewers knock Bumble for being too drying because they are using way too much product. My hair dresser mentioned that you should never see Bumble get really foamy and lather up a lot because, if you do; that means you're using too much. Think of using Bumble shampoos with more of a light application of "lotion" to avoid the 'overloaded laundry machine effect!' As I said, this is a very concentrated formula which I LOVE and hope they never change cause that's what keeps me coming back for more (ALL Bumble and bumble) and once you get use to using less of it, I hope you will see fantastic results too. I've had days with oily and dry hair and this Seaweed formula saved the day. To be transparent I've also used the Gentle shampoo with great success and other than that "one week" fiasco with brand X, I am a faithful Bumble and bumble user. My hair has thanked me for it. My hairdresser got me onto this Seaweed formula of Bumble and said that "If you care about your hair, you will only use Bumble and bumble!" (Her salon carries many other high end brands) At the time I thought she was just biased and highly opinionated; however, after using something else for one week that ruined my scalp, I quickly switched back to Bumble's Seaweed which I've been using faithfully for more than four years. The Legend is not a Myth!!! Use less shampoo and get MORE RESULTS people. (Side note, Love listening to an historic "oldie" b bumble and the stingers bumble boogie on YouTube while washing my hair!!! Great dance moves too...) P.S. Brand X was trashed out last week and my burned scalp needed a boost from a treatment so the universe sent me solace because I am now using the Bb Rich Hyaluronic Treatment Lotion I was gifted as a sample with my most recent Beautylish purchase and Thank You Beautylish Team for being AWESOME!

Marisa G.
my forever shampoo!

I swear by this shampoo. I have always loved the brand and this has been in my showers for years. It gives me the right amount of clean, while also keeping my hair soft. The scent is so fresh that I even got my boyfriend hooked on it!