Britney Spears



Abryona rose M.
My FAVORITE perfume

I LOVE this fragrance! It is by far my favorite scent. It's not too strong, but lasts all day long....great for everyday wear.

I've been wearing it daily since I was 12, so it's great for teens. Especially now that you can get it in the cheaper body mist form.

I just all around love this fragrance.

Rachel H.
One of the best perfumes out there

There are a lot of good celebrity fragrances out there, but Britney's Curious is definitely one of the best. I owned a small bottle and I wore this constantly. It smells so good!

Star Y.
Everyday Perfume

This isn't a strong perfume but it's great for everyday and the work place. I don't like wearing a strong perfume while going to work because it can cause headaches for so many. I love the scent of this. It makes me feel clean and it's not overpowering. I love the packaging because it looks so cute. I love this perfume because it is a work friendly perfume and it doesn't drive my boyfriend crazy like the other perfumes I've worn before.

Alysia F.

i love this perfume and always will. The smell is sexy and unique. Whats not to love? If you arent a musk/floral person i would not reccomend. Otherwise, it's a great price and the scent lasts. Thanks Brit Brit for an amazing captiviating scent!

Dinah D.

I wore this perfume for over a year I love it received it as a gift and purchased it myself once, I do wish I could wear it again. It's a beautiful scent, smells so good you could wear it anywhere work or school without attracting too much attention to yourself. I love this perfume!! <3

Krista C.

Very good for daytime wear, has a clean smell (if that makes sense). For whatever reason, it calms me and is perfect to wear if I have a test because it kind of wakes me up (But that could just be me haha)

Bianca S.
Perfect daytime.

I love curious. Im a fan of all Britney fragrances.Curious is definitely top of the after fantasy ofcourse.Its also sweet but ironically has a curious smelling note to it. Like all Britney fragrances has pretty packaging as well.

Natalia P.
love it!

I love this fragrance! What makes me love this fragrance the most it's because it's young and modern, sweet and fresh. Full of contrasts! The packaging is beautiful and comes with a cute pendant. I recommend it!

Ashley M.
So Unique!

My mom recieved this as a gift and soon became tired of it (for whatever reason I do not know) She asked if I wanted it. I said "SURE!" Not even knowing what in the world it was! I soon sprayed it in my room and immediately fell in love with it! It's a unique floral scent that will never get old! I would recommend it to anybody who has a unique and modern sense of style. If you're more of a classical person I recommend something other than this!

Christina E.
Timeless Scent - 8 Years and Still a Favorite!!

I got this perfume when I was 12 or 13. It was the first perfume I owned and I loved it. I believe it is more of a "formal" scent, but suitable for every day use. It leans over to a more floral, crisp scent with a bit of musk. I've been through a lot of different perfumes and types of scents for the past 8 years but I still use this one. I believe it is a scent that can be used by any age.