Britney Spears

Cosmic Radiance


Leonard S.

Just bought this recently at the mall for 50 ml. I'm a fan of Britney Spears and her perfume line. I already had her Curious, Believe and Midnight Fantasy perfume. So I went directly to the Britney perfume section. I really love the Radiance bottle because it looks so pretty so I was hoping I would like its smell. But when I smelled it it was too strong of a flower scent for me. So I tried Cosmic Radiance though I was not a fan of its bottle. Lo and behold, I completely fell in love with its smell. Its a floral scent indeed but its not too strong unlike Radiance. And what I like about its smell is its base note, the musk, sandalwood, amber and vanilla, its so addicting! I bought it right away though it was pricey. And now I always wear it at work. This is already one of my favorite Britney Spears perfume next to Believe.

Samantha V.
smells great....

But its not as strong as i usually like my perfumes but its very uplifting and a sweet smell. I've got all the Britney perfumes and besides Believe and Hidden Fantasy this is my third favorite.