Britney Spears

Circus Fantasy


Jenna D.
Sexy, Flirty and so Britney

I seriously love this fragrance!! It's my go-to for date night or any time really. It's light but mysterious and makes you feel girly. It definitely brings out the Britney in me. You won't be disappointed :-)

XO Jenna

Krista C.

I really do like this perfume, but its not in my top 5. My sister, however, absolutely loves it and always borrows it from me (I'm pretty sure she has used more of it than I have lol)

Nick F.

Circus Fantasy has a distinctly airy and light smell. It almost smells like a room freshener. If your planning on purchasing this fragrance I would suggest to wear it out during the day. It's not really a night scent in my opinion. It's a personal favorite of mine and I, of course, love Britney. :)