Volumizer Mascara


na a.

I was a bit worried about getting this mascara at first due to it being a two step mascara because friends had used similar mascaras and hated them. But I'm so glad I picked it up, it works really well with my lashes and makes them look bigger and as though I have more lashes! Step 1 is really great and helps separate lashes and make them look longer, it's also really great for lower lashes, Step 2 can get a little clumpy if you apply it right from the tube so it's best to wipe the wand before you apply if but I am so happy with the product when I brought it it was £7 but I think it is around £10 but it is so worth it even if you decided to just use one of the steps or just bottom lashes. LOVE IT xXx

Sakina B.
Large lashes!

I use step 1 for everyday subtle makeup and go for step 2 when I'm wearing lots of eyeshadow and want my eyelashes to be seen, yet do not want to wear false ones.

It is quite clumpy and I never use step 2 on my lower lashes, too gunky, but it is a nice product and it's fun to just lash your lashes with loads of mascara!!

Anne D.
great mascara

I already have long eyelashes but this mascara makes them reeeally long and big. I've bought this for 20$ and I've been really loving it because it gives you sort of a fake lashes look and you can use only the step 1 on the bottom lashes if you don't want them to be as big. The only negative point would be that since there is so much product on your eyelashes, I find this mascara kind of hard to remove at night but maybee I'm just lazy

Michan M.

I was skeptical to buy yet another two-step mascara because I wasn't a fan of MAC's Haute and Naughty Lash mascara, but I'm glad that I picked this product up. At first I must admit this wasn't my favorite mascara because it was too watery for me. However, after putting this in my drawers for a few weeks and discovering it later when the formula was starting to dry up, I fell in love with this mascara. Step 1 really separates the lashes and applies a light coat of mascara onto them. Step 2 just builds volume on my already separated lashes and makes them very long and bold. I tend to wipe some mascara off my wand before applying this step since step 2 really grabs a lot of product and it can get a little clumpy if you aren't careful. I always apply both steps because I prefer a little bit of drama in my mascara application. This is a very buildable and easily manageable mascara.

Ariane C.
will not be repurchasing

When I first bought it, I could only get away with using the "define" wand because the volumize wand was making my lashes clump no matter what I tried. I used the define wand then the volumize wand as the packaging recommends, and it left a mess of spider lashes, and it was painful to take off my makeup at the end of the day because of it. As it dried out and had less product in the tube, it was actually a lot nicer and easier to use. The defining wand does leave really nice lower lashes, but doesn't make my top lashes thick enough. It did leave my eyelashes feeling soft, if it wasn't clumped. It did also really keep the curl all day as well.