Metallic Eyeliner Intense Waterproof


Branka P.

An excellent waterproof pencil which does not budge, smudge or moe whatsoever. I only have it in one color, turquoise, simply because I rarely use eye pencils and this one does not disappoint. As the name says, this is a metallic pencil. It does contain a small amount of tiny shimmer, but it's mostly just metallic. It's very pigmented and soft as well, up to the point that it's hard to sharpen it because it often breaks due to its softness (that's why i reduced my rating by half a star). However, once applied it stays put until removed. It takes a few seconds before it dries and sets. I find it works excellent when worn alone or over a primer. It looks particularly interesting with red lipstick. For the price, (7€) this is definitely worth buying.