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Balancing Facial Tonic


Grace L.
Everyone needs a good toner.

So I'm that girl that thought toner was an unnecessary middle step that should be overlooked in order to keep your wallet happy and your face washing regimen within a good time frame... I was SO wrong!

Ever since I was introduced to the oil-free moisturizer I have been pretty hooked on the Boscia line. And I've seen a dramatic difference in the balance of my oily skin since introducing the toner into my daily skin regimen. I'm super satisfied and think I will be purchasing the Boscia line to a ripe old age. I highly recommend this toner, plus the easy spray ensures that you use only what you need. Just one spray and pat it in before your moisturizer and you're all set!

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Mary M.
It is a refreshingly lovely facial tonic

This is my second purchase of Boscia Blancing Facial Tonic and I just love it... Truly don't know if it does anything for my skin but it does do something for my mood.. I look forward every morning and night to spraying it on my face.. it feels and smells sublime.. the scent is fresh and light and dissipates just lifts my mood.

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