Eye Style Shadow Box Hip Hop Charcoals


Shelley W.
Great Smokin' Eye

I found this oldie but goodie at Walmart. I was looking for a cheap smoky eye compact and the shades reminded me of a compact that was discontinued by Bobbi Brown a few years ago. The shades were easy to blend and the shade at the bottom actually has small glitter flakes in it that actually give it a nice sparkle when on the lid. I tried this compact with and without UB Eye Primer in original and I received the best result when using the primer. For only $3.85 it was a great buy.

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Sabrina H.
Inexpensive and versatile...

I bought this at Shopper's Drug Mart for less than five bucks...such a versatile neutral palette...I use it every other day...I have used it for a casual look, career and evening...just depends on how you switch it up...I like it best when worn with a nude lip...