Bobbi Brown

Skin Foundation SPF 15


Lindsey P.
Flawless like a second skin

This foundation is perfect for spring and summer months! The texture is light and watery, and it honestly feels like a second layer of skin when you apply it. It will NOT feel or look caked on, and you won’t have to worry about sweating it off. It’s great for evening out your skin tone and making you look just a bit fresher than you naturally would. I would not recommend this for people who have a lot of acne to cover up, as coverage would probably be too light, but it is great for people who just want to mask a bit of redness or create a base for their makeup. Coverage is buildable, but I do still think it is best suited for people without many blemishes. I apply this with my hands and then press it in with a beauty blender, and it looks so natural. The extensive range of shades make this a great option for people with all skin tones – you will most certainly find your color match!

Emma A.
Holy grail foundation

This, along with MAC face and body and pro longwear is my favourite foundation. It does exactly what it says on the tin "looks like skin" I feel the shade range is fantastic and there will be a shade for anyone. The coverage I would say is light to medium but is definitely buildable. The finish is a slight tackiness and glowy finish but not overly runny/dewy.

I have pretty normal skin, sometimes I get a flakey nose and an oilier forehead and this is my perfect everyday foundation. It's just enough to make you feel flawless without looking like you have tried to hard. It is very easy to blend which also helps when you're getting ready for work in the morning. This is a product I will repurchase over again.

Elizabeth E.

This is my summer go to's a lightweight foundation and doesn't feel oily or heavy ...great when you already feel like a sweaty hot mess on a day that you feel like you are melting..last thing you want is to feel the heavyness and have this yucky buildup feeling on your face. It's just right in the summer for me....super blendable (looks like water when you pump it out), lightweight it doesn't even feel like you have anything on....sort of like the equivalent of Goldilocks trying all the beds and finding that perfect one for her....this foundation does the trick for me.

Layne L.
Photo of product included with review by Layne L.

I honestly LOVE this foundation. I have had such a hard time trying to find a good foundation that is light to medium coverage, doesn't feel like it is on my skin and is good for combination skin, this foundation is definitely the foundation for me because it is all of those. I purchased it a little while ago and have worn it everyday since and it has made my skin look flawless, it evens out my skin very very nicely and makes it look very nice. I like how this foundation is matte but it gives you a little bit of a glow. It covers pretty nicely, it is really easy to build on with, so it doesn't look cake when u continue to put more on. Since it is a little bit less of a coverage I don't recommend it for people with very acne scared skin or people with a lot of blemishes because it is pretty light coverage, it basically just evens out the skin tone and makes your skin look very natural. Its a total plus as well because it has SPF 15! yay! i find it last well on my combo skin, maybe had to blot it once while I was wearing it all day. It is pricey, mine was 55$ without tax, but I say go for it, it is a great product, a little goes a long way with this stuff and there is a lot in the bottle, great packaging as well. IM IN LOVE! Im sure you guys will be too :) by far the best foundation I've tried! <3<3<3

Louise P.
Best foundation I've tried so far

The feel is super light weight (it's water based) feels great on my skin! It has medium coverage, enough to even out skin but light enough for my freckles to shine through :) I found it to be long lasting even in the summer heat and I've never had a better matching foundation.

Theresa G.
Summer foundation

I love this foundation for the summer. It is such a light weight formula that it feels like a tinted moisturizer. Hiighly recommended! The only down fall is the range of shades : (

Cassia S.
Love it, BUT.... doesnt last long on my combo skin, prob around 6 hrs and it also transfers a lot. I love it for its yellow undertone, which i find so hard to find. And its the only foundation i found that really matches me. It also has a beautiful finish, and it looks so natural, most people cant even tell i have it on. I just really wish it was long lasting, then it would be my HG Foundation!

Stephanie T.
the most natural looking foundation

I've been on the hunt for a foundation or tinted moisturizer with solid coverage, looks natural on my skin tone, and had SPF. Most foundations met 2 out of the 3 requirements, but Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation is the only one that met all three.

Not only does is the color matching outstanding, but it is the most natural looking coverage I've ever seen (and I've tried them ALL - from Chanel to CoverGirl).

This and the concealer are the only two Bobbie Brown products I own, and I LOVE them.

Angela W.
Great finish.

Thanks to this super blendable coverage I can look a little less scary for the world! After trying on at least ten different brands of foundation I finally found a winner with Bobbi Brown.

I need medium to heavy coverage but I don't want to feel like I'm under a makeup mask. This stuff is the best of both worlds- it covers everything perfectly but it's not heavy and it doesn't look cakey when it dries. The color is a great match for my skin too.. not too yellow or too pink. I love it!

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