Bobbi Brown

Face Touch-Up Stick


Shelley W.
Great Must-Have

If you're a BB fan like I am this is a handy little item to have in your collection. I use it to spot cover some sun spots and fading acne scars and it does a great job at both. If I'm using her liquid foundation I apply this afterwards followed by my setting powder. If I'm using BB Mineral Foundation I use before applying the mineral foundation. A little goes a long way so its best to have a light hand. I must admit that for the price it doesn't have much product but for the area that I'm needing to cover I think it should last me at least a year, if not more since some days I go without using.

Monique H.
Good for on the go!

I got this at a cco and i really loved it until it went missing. it's a bit pricy for me, but i mean it lasts a while, so its worth its cost. just be careful not to pack it on, haha i learned that the hard way

Amy H.
Staple concealer, for now.

This is a fantastic concealer for basic concealing. The coverage is pretty great but doesn't do miracles. It's also not really drying but if you put tons on a blemish, it will start drying your skin in that area, but that's a given with any makeup and me. This is currently one of my favourite concealers for blemishes but I'm going to be trying other concealers which I have a feeling I will love. But still, I think this is a fantastic concealer!