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Bobbi Brown

Eye Shadow Brush

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Sonny S.

I rarely give items very low scores since I tend to make my own personal evaluation whether or not I should buy the product first (without even looking at reviews).

Needless to say, I would return this, cause it's not that great... but I'm going to keep it just cause (lol).

This brush is VERY difficult to work with, the bristles are very loose - although it is extremely soft, it is very difficult to apply eye-shadow on ESPECIALLY if you have a smaller lid. When you tap this on colour and look at the brush, you won't see a lot of colour on the brush... but when you apply it there is actually A LOT.

My suggestion: This brush has potential for amazing cat eyes and smokey eyes & only buy if you are going to use it on someone with a bigger lid.

I haven't had this brush for very long so I can't tell about durability, but I can tell that it is extremely light weight and very comfortable to use.

Victoria S.
Great quality brush but there are other options for the value!

Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent brush. Finely constructed, great quality's a nice staple to have in your collection. However, I feel like there are so many other good quality eyeshadow brushes on the market for way less than BB is charging (a whopping $28) Money aside, let's talk about why I like this particular brush and why it might be right for you!

I love that Bobbi offers two variations of brush: regular or short handle. I personally prefer short handle because I do my makeup closely in front of a mirror and it doesn't bang into it. The quality of the brush itself is solid and will not break apart; it's definitely a brush to have for years and years. It's not a super densely packed brush so I use it for light and even applications of color, and even on some occasions, for crease with lighter shades when I'm in a hurry. It's the brush you can always depend on and always work.

So if you're willing to spend the bucks for top quality brushes that will last you a long time, I do recommend this is a basic staple. However, if you do a little research, there ARE cheaper alternatives for your eye shadowing needs :)