Raspberry Lemonade Blast

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Kirin S.
So good!

I loved this balm. It's not that expensive, and it works very well. Moisturizes and soothes dry/chapped/flaky lips. Also, I loved the flavour. It really was like Raspberry lemonade! I find that a lot of lip balms claim to keep lips hydrated, but they only work for about 5 minutes before they just dry the lips out completely. But not this one! It's great! I would definitely recommend this, especially in winter.

Danielle H.
Cheap, Smells Good, No Moisture

Got this first at Walmart, then found it at the dollar store for a dollar. It smells really good, even my bf likes it lol and he hates a lot of my balms. i have to constantly apply it throughout the day for it to live up to the standards of a regular chapstick. If i didnt like the way it smelled, i probably would have stopped using it by now.

Dawn M.

The first time I saw this was at the Family Dollar. This is the best smelling chapstick in the world! I even turned my boyfriend on to using it, lol. Plus it tastes pretty good (not that you eat it or anything, but you know..) It's very moisturizing.

Mery P.
Smells good, but not moisturizing at all.

I first saw it at my friends school bag. She told me she uses that a lot and she letted me to smell it. I inmidiattly fall in love with the smell, it was a love from the first sight. So I bought it, and used it when my lips were dry. And what happened? Absolutely NOTHING. If something did happen, it was that thing making my lips dryer. I absolutely recommend getting the blistex in the pot instead, it's really mouistrizing and I'm using it a lot (:

Swinda M.
best smelling lip balm

this is the best chapstick and i only paid $1! everytime i apply onto brides lips they always love it. it moisterizes but not greasy, and it smells so good.

Melissa B.
Raspberry Lemonade Yumminess!

I have been using this since the summer and I think overall Blistex is a good company and I have never not liked anything I have tried from them. I have tried so many lip balms and chapsticks because my lips just get dry so easily and so many have failed me. Keep in mind when reading this review that everything works differently for other people, but this is how it worked for me. First off the smell and taste is exactly that of which you would think raspberry lemonade would be. This lip balm worked good on keeping my lips moisturized, but I think if your lips get as dry as mine then you would be better off getting something else. For people who don't have such a big problem with your lips always being dry then this would be perfect for you. It has SPF in it too so it's great days when you're going to be outside. Only put on a thin layer tho or it will leave a film where your lips meet. Overall it's an average lip balm.

Angela V.

I like the smell and taste of this.. but carmex is the stuff I go to.. It doesn't taste or smell like raspberry or lemonade but it does the job and because it doesn't smell or taste fruity you will be sure not to lick it off.. This stuff makes me want to lick my lips all the time.. Thats not good when u already have dry lips

Zhen C.

This lip balm taste so good like candies. It's moisturizing for the lips and provides sun protection. It's not too greasy feeling like some other lip balms too. Overall a great product.