Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Treatment


Lisa D.
Microderm Magic

I purchased this item because I was having some issues with blackheads and felt my pores were a bit more noticeable. I did a little research and figured maybe I wasn't exfoliating thoroughly...After using this a few times now, I am sure that I wasn't previously exfoliating correctly or as thoroughly as I should. The Bliss Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Treatment is a very deep clean, and can be tailored to ones own sensitivity with how much pressure you apply. It is def more intense than say St. Ives apricot scrub, feels really cool and refreshing when all washed off which I personally enjoy. Also I'm not personally typically hugely offended by beauty/skincare product scents but I know others are, and this has a minty fresh scent (not overwhelming) so I can't imagine it being offensive to anyone. I honestly can't say as far as long term benefits yet, but I have noticed a pretty significant improvement in my blackheads, and the way my skin feels, the only downside to this product of course is the price..but if the short term benefits match the long term, it will be worth every penny. :)

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Jenna Y.
OMG new holy grail product

This stuff is worth every penny! I saw Jaclyn hill had mentioned it in, and had to try it. It's perfect, it makes my skin feel so smooth and radiant. In love !!!!

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