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Ingrown Eliminating Pads


Nancy-Lee C.
Super pricey but worth it!

They are super expensive but they keep the ingrowns at bay - a MUST have for anyone that waxes, epilates or just sufferers from extremely dry skin!

I use 1 pad per leg and once a week I rotate the stack of pads by flipping them over so everything stays super moist. Waiting 2 days after I wax/epilate I apply the pre-moistened pad in a circular motion working from my ankle upward. I choose this direction because most of my ingrowns were happening on my calf hence I wanted the most solution applied to that area! I also flip the pad over when I go from calf to thigh.

The pads are textured so I want the best 'scrubbing' that I can have. This will loosen and sweep away dry skin as it applies the product. Each pad is just over 2" in diameter and twice as thick as a clearasil pad. They're tough! They'll hold up to your prickliest skin!! haha!

4.5 out of 5 stars! I will buy these again, even though they are very pricey because I have yet to find a less expense alternative that work on the same level.

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Maria E.
Refreshing and cools the bumps

I love these pads! I use them after shaving my legs and bikini area! It keeps bumps from happening and cools off the sting after hair removal. Would totally recommend them!!

Sabah M.

I suffer from weird spots/bumps on the back of my upper arms, since i started using them there has not been a bump in sight!! I am not sure that is the recommended use but my friends have used them for legs and say that they work very well.

Carmen P.

I suffer from ingrow hairs and have the bad habit of picking which is not good. I decided to give these a try and they are definitely worth it and effective. The do their job at preventing ingrown hairs. I use them for a few days after I shave. They do not have a strong scent and do not leave my legs feeling sticky.

Angie H.
Love it!

I've tried over a dozen ingrown prevention methods but this particular product works the best. You will not see results immediately (nothing can be fixed over night of course), but I did notice improvement within a month. It works well with a good exfoliant before hair removal.

Francesca V.
Best so far

A little bit on the pricy side, but definitely helps eliminate those ingrowns. I did notice that my skin was smoother, less red, and ingrowns where minimal to non-existent. When you apply this product be aware that thisnoroduct does contain salicylic ac