High Intensity Hand Cream


Diana R.

This hand cream has a thick & buttery consistency; it definitely does make hands feel smooth to touch while smelling great, leaves a nice scent on hands not too overpowering, but leaves fingertips slightly too oily for me when working the cash register or serving glass drinks

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Molly O.
Great for Dry Winter hannds

Bliss hand cream is the ultimate cure for chapped, cracked, dry hands. I was looking for a formula that would repair my hands without getting them excessively greasy. I would highly recommend this hand cream to anyone that exposes their hands to the cold or gets severely dry hands that are painful. After I get out of the shower and dry off with a towel, I apply a dime size amount of Bliss hand cream to my palm and rub the lotion in to my hands, fingers, and cuticles. The hand cream smells great and is able to instantly moisturize my hands and last all day. In comparison to Victoria's Secret and Vaselline Intensive care, Bliss hand cream works better to alleviate the discomfort of dry hands. I will continue to buy Bliss because it is the best cream on the market to alleviate dry hands ; it helps to get rid of the problem, rather than covering it up.

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