Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub


Rachel M.

I have tried many lip scrubs and they just irritate my lips. This one is so mild yet effective, I am hooked.

Stacey H.
Gets the Job Done

Initial thought when seeing the bottle is its so small and will be gone in no time. In reality the jar lasts a decent amount of time considering a little goes a long way. I use about a pea size and it's more than enough (I do have small lips so some people may need more). It has a sweet refreshing smell to it. The texture is gentle yet it is still very effective. I use a few times a week during the winter and once a week any other time and no dry lips over here! I did notice I if get any around my lips I get black heads. Overall, this product is great and I would recommend it to anyone that needs some lip rescuing!

Katya C.
Love this lip scrub!

I apply this lip scrub on my lips at night and leave it on until morning. Be sure to massage the scrub into your lips gently in circular motions. In the mornings, I remove the remaining scrub off my lips, and apply chapstick on my lips. With this harsh winter we've had, it's a lifesaver. 😍

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Vicki B.
Best lip scrub on the market!

I can't live without this lip scrub! I've tried a few other lip scrubs from lush and elf but bliss is superior ! Bliss fabulips has enough sugar crystals to remove the dead skin and adequate oils to condition your lips compared to other brands that are too abrasive and damage your lips. I use this at night and then apply lip balm and I wake up and my lips are silky smooth !

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Melody  M.
winter must have!!!

Sloughs off dry skin...leaves lips smooth and exfoliated! I keep one in my shower,one by my bathtub and one by my sink. I love this stuff!! Sugar crystals make the taste tolerable, not to harsh for soft lips!

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