Body Butter


Ashley C. Team
Pricey, but so worth it!

I love this lotion because it's super moisturizing, but doesn't leave you feeling all oily and greasy. It's the perfect consistency with a fresh scent and it won't overpower any other scents you wear! Can't stress enough how this is THE lotion that's ultra-moisturizing without feeling heavy and greasy!

Sammi W. Team

This smells SO good, and goes on rich and luxurious without being greasy. I slather this on at night before bed, put some socks on, and my feet are super hydrated and my hands are soft and feel amazing. Five stars!

Linda S.

I have the Lemon and Sage body butter, it smells soooo good! Its not thick and greasy goes on smooth. Makes your skin very soft, I can put it on at night before I go to bed and the next morning my skin is still soft and smooth and smells great.

Dri-ne B.

This product does an awesome job with moisturizing for dry skin I Love it so much I ordered the 32oz great stuff. It truly is a fragrant free product but does have a pleasant fragrant free scent. Bliss won't disappoint you I know it did not disappoint me :-)

Maria L.
Luxurious but not super duper thick

I have body butters from a different brand and this one by Bliss is not as thick as the other body butters but it is equally hydrating and softening. Quick absorbing and non-greasy. And the fresh fragrance of lemon and sage is a nice pick-me-up.

Kym W.

I recently ordered this hand cream after trying it in a hotel welcome kit. Finally find it at Sephora. Love this hand cream i have it in my purse and on the side of my bed. Makes my manicure shine like i just had a fresh mani/pedi

Aira N.
Rich & Creamy

I purchased this myself at Sephora after receiving a lovely sample during another purchase. I am quite happy and impressed with this.

Pricing: - 25-28USD depending where you purchase it. I got mine for 25 + tax. - It's expensive for an everyday joe to get, but I believe it is worth it.

Packaging: - The packaging looks simple and cheap from afar, but if a person is familiar with the bend most tube dispensers have I am sure that he or she will be able to tell that the plastic is a lot firmer and a reasonably heavy duty plastic than usual. - I don't worry about this bending and exploding as long as I don't do anything absurd with it. - It is simple packaging, but it makes the most sense because it is such a rich formula.

Scent: - I'm not keen on any lotion to heavily scented or scented in general, so I stuck with the Naked Scent. It is a neutral, clean smell (doesn't smell like much), so it is perfect to layer perfume over.

Quality & Formula: - The formula is very rich, but goes on lighter than typical body butter but just a tiny bit heavier than normal lotion (let's say Bath & Body Work lotion's heaviness is pretty comparable once worked into the skin). - A little goes such a long way with this because I can use a pea size amount and cover both hands with it. - It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft, smooth and not greasy.

Would I recommend it? - Yes, in fact, I purchased a few for my friends. - I think any girl who wants that feminine, softness, Venus legs would enjoy this. - I don't think everyone will be over the moon for it, but those who like having soft, supple skin would like this. It's basically like Cetaphil but A LOT better.

Kaitlyn C.
Long lasting and super rich

This body butter leaves my skin soft and smooth. It is rich but not greasy.I love Lemon+Sage smell, it gives a very fresh and clean feeling. Also, this is few products that last over than 24 hours on my skin, usually I need to reapply the lotion/cream between 2 showers, but after I got this one, I only need to apply it once after the shower !

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