Sébium Hydra


Excellent product

It's my second bottle and I love it. It's perfect when you use treatment, I use epiduo and always mistreat my skin because my skin is sensitive. But that help me.

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Liliana G.

This is the best moisturizer I have ever used, my facial skin has gone through various acne treatments making it very sensitive and dry. After going on vacation and being out in the sun for various hours a day my face was peeling everywhere and it felt very rough, on my way back to the U.S I stopped by a pharmacy in the Lisbon airport and the pharmacist swore by this product to help my skin and she was definitely right! This moisturizer is a miracle worker! I will continue to buy this.

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Lauren G.
Awesome moisturizer!

I just wanna say I totally love this stuff. It's not an everyday moisturizer for oily skin as it does contain mineral oil, but for my skin that is dry and sensitive from acne treatments this is a lifesaver! It doesn't clog pores and is very emollient. I've repurchased once already and will continue to do so!

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Olesya K.
Helps you shine

After using Bioderma Sebium scrub and foam for a couple of weeks my skin got so dehydrated that I gave a try to this cream. It keeps skin moisturized but it makes it very shiny and if you try to put make up on it doesn't work so good. It is so powerful that it shows right through. The whole thing of Sebium line didn't work for me.

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