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Gel Eyeliners


Kendy A.

I really like it! I was affraid about order it cause the bad reviews I read but for me it absolutely works! I have like a month with the gel eye-liner in Ónix, so I completely recommend it 💋

Lexi K.
Smudges !

I wanted to try out a new gel eyeliner since my maybelline gel liner dried out. This product was horrible! I purchased onyx, and it started smudging after 10 minutes. There was black residue all in the corners and underneath my eyes. I looked like a raccoon. I tried setting it with a matte black eye shadow, which helped a lot, but it still smudged everywhere after a couple of hours. If you want a liner with staying power, don't buy this.

John M.
Dried Out! I think not, this product is amazing

I was very interested to try these due to the fact that there's such a wide color range. I've really loved the pallet's I've gotten from them so I was expecting them to be quality products and I wasn't disappointed. I received a majority of them a week and a half before Christmas and none of them have dried out nor did they arrive dried out. The color payoff is amazing and it last for age's. I also love it because it's super creamy and easy to control. In my humble opinion these gel eyeliners are even better then Maybelline's eye studio gel liners because there is a wider range of color, better staying power and better consistency. I have 9 colors and all of them are amazing Onyx- An Opaque Super Dark matte black perfect for that super dramatic eyeliner Ultra Violet- In the pot it look's almost like a black but when applied comes out a super pigmented matte purple color Atlantic- A highly saturated matte cool blue Blow- a warm shimmery pink, it goes on a bit on the sheer side but when you put an eyeshadow over it you can see the difference Burn- a slightly shimmery red; it can be a great base for matte red's too because the shimmer isn't so overpowering Bronzed- A beautiful metalic gold color Fresh- A metallic sea foam green Metal- A light warm metallic silver Cement- A matte medium grey All of these are great bases for eye shadows to give them that extra umph t get them to a really nice pigmented long lasting finish

Jessica P.
Buyer beware!!

I was so excited to try these out because the colors were amazing and for $3 a pop, it was a done deal. I should have known that it was too good to be true. I bought 5 of them and all of them dried out before i had a chance to use them!!! I tried to re-melt them with a hair dryer but they were useless. Stay away from these!!

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Lauren S.
Dried out!

The first time I opened the pot it was solid! Completely dried out. I didn't even get to use it once. In order to attempt to try it I put some saline solution in it to moisten it and had to dig at it with a brush. This worked, but shouldn't have had to been done. I would not recommend this product, but all of the other items I received from them turned out great.

Melissa V.
Dried out!

This liner stays on great and has great color and I loved it at first but after a few weeks of using it the liner in the pot dried out and couldn't be used :(

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