BH Cosmetics

BH Party Girl


Dezzi C.
Very pigmented

I love this palette. It has a great color selection for days or nights that your feeling a bit bold. It is very long lasting and does not crease. Just like other reviewers, I do with it came with more matte colors. But for the price, you can't beat it!

Kristen C.
Great product low price

Love that these colors are pigmented. This is bright, bold, and fun!! I use this more for special occasions or holidays. I had to share with my friends and tell them how great this product is!!

Shelly F.
The Name Says It All!

This pallet to me is just WOW. First off it's named the party girl pallet, which I think is the PERFECT name for it. Looking at the colors you will see that most of them are darker and more bold. This is because this pallet was designed for a more broad statement look such as one you would wear to a party or on a night out. This is not the pallet for a natural look, although possible. My favorite part about this pallet is that, it's a great go to pallet when you are getting ready for a party. No more rummaging through your makeup to find the right night time colors. This pallet has a wide variety of colors that can make almost any bold look. Not to mention the quality of it is just awesome. Great pigmentation, long wear ability, and decent sized pans. The price of this pallet is originally $17.95 but with BHcosmetics nothing is every a set price. They ALWAYS offer amazing deal on ALL their products. I however believe no matter what price you pay, full or discounted, it is definitely worth it! I have done TONS of looks with it and plan on making video tutorials to upload onto my youtube. Great pallet. Definitely go buy it!

Ashley A.
Finally pigmented!!!!

I am happy bh cosmetics made this palette highly pigmented. I love the colors especially the red and blue color in there, HIGHLY PIGMENTED!!! The only gripe is the fallout but of course with a brush or a wet wipe problem solved!!

Mzkandi R.

I love this pallette the shades are very pigmented and long lasting...LOVE IT!!! wished it came in a matte palette also. The colors are bright and easy to blend...I love the red and purple...AMAZING!!!!!. I would recommend this to anyone.

Amy Y.

I love this palette! The colors are cute and funky! Also very pigmented, they don't crease or fade either! Although they aren't everyday colors, i would still consider repurchasing this. Great price!

Sandra R.

i absolutely love this palette! it's all your party colors in one palette & i especially love the red! it has great quality! The eyeshadows last a long time, i would definitely buy this palette again!

Sandra R.

i love this palette especially the red! it has all your party colors to make great makeup looks & one of the good things is that they last really long :] I am for sure buying this product again! :]

Shannon M.

There are a lot of color options in this palette! Lots of bright shadows (which I love!) Mostly shimmer shadows with a few matte ones. Amazing deal for the price! High quality shadows that don't fade or crease! :)