BH Cosmetics

88 Color Neutral Palette


Rebecca C.
love it

After ordering the 88 matte palette and the shimmer palette I took a chance on their neutral's palette and I can absolutely say that I look the colors in this palette its perfect for a neutral eye look and has a few bright shades that I can play around with that i truly enjoy. I recommend using a strong eyeshadow base to make the colors seem more vibrant but other than that I can't complain

Nicole F.
I really Want To Love It

After ordering the 120 1st Edition and a few 88 palettes, I decided I needed some neutrals in my life. I was excited to get it, after loving the other palettes I own. I'm sorry to say my expectations fell a little short. The colors really are beautiful, but I find that many just aren't either very pigmented or long lasting. I did a few swatches on the colors and wasn't impressed, but I used them anyway when going out. After using the palette all of 3 times, I haven't used it since. Disappointed. I've tried using it with the BH eye primer and the UD eye primer too. Maybe it would be better with another primer.

Carly A.

I really like how this pallet comes with a bunch of eyeshadows but a few of the shadows did crack. But for the price I love this palette! It's perfect for any everyday eye. The colors are very soft but not super pigmented.