Hair Ties


Izzah D.

Honestly i really love this product and its the only hair tie im using for about 2 years. I usually sleep with my hair tied and i love that these wont leave a dent in your hair and it also reduce breakage!

Bry R.

These are not only cute in the hair and on the wrist but they are gentle on the hair too!! The only downside I see is when you use them, they get stretched out and don't go back to the normal shape. I don't really mind because I don't wear them in the wrist that often.

Sarah B.
the best!

These are so cute and come in lots of colors, they make a cute messy bun. they are very gentle on my hair, which is frizzy and wavy naturally, and breaks easily especially in winter.

Lauren M.

I love these!! They are super cute, soft on your hair and don't leave a dent or give you trouble while taking it out. They're perfect for those lazy days when you need a quick updo. The one thing I would say though is they don't hold well for sports especially if there a lot of running involved. They tend to slip out of straight hair so if you have textured hair then these are perfect!

Ciera M.

These are the most perfect hair ties ever! They don't leave a dent in your hair and are also really cute as a bracelet. These are also comfortable instead of hair bands as they can be scratchy. When they get dirty throw them in a washing machine and they bounce back. They also don't hurt when you pull them out of your hair. :)

Lizzy P.
The only hair ties worth using!

Perfect hair ties. Cute and they don't leave a dent in your hair. When they get stretched out or dirty just put them in the washing machine, they bounce right back!

Grace M.

These are so gentle to the hair and don't pull. I thought what a good idea how simple and they work great with no sharp metal piece that pull hair out. I love the head bands too.

Piper O.

good for your hair, don't leave a dent and everything but i don't like the texture of the fabric. It was hard and not flexible, oh well. I also didn't like how much they stand out, maybe if they were smaller and thinner I would be more inclined to purchase more.

Katherine C.

I love how gentle they are on my hair and stuff, and the colors are really cute, but I just am not a huge fan of the way there's a little knot on it. It looks a little messy for me. It looks like a leftover piece of ribbon to me ...