Daisy Brush Tree


Melissa M.

I recently invested in the Wayne Goss brush sets. The face brushes in particular I am using daily and washing after each use to avoid bacteria/breakouts. So, I had an ever-present towel laying out on my little bathroom countertop with brushes on it laying flat to dry. Not only were the brushes not drying fast enough for use the next day, I worried about water seeping into the ferrule and maintaining the brush shape over time. And I lost the valuable free space I had on my small counter! I eagerly snatched up a Daisy tree the day these went on sale, thinking "A-HA! problem solved." And it was. The Daisy is small enough to fit into an unused corner of my counter. It has small , medium and large holes that fit all my brushes. I have a couple Ellis Faas pens that I dry using my Daisy tree after washing the applicator. The Benjabelle grippy"fingers" work well to secure brushes and seem like they will hold up well. The Daisy is too small to use to store all my brushes at once, but it has plenty of room to hold the brushes that I've washed over the course of a few days. Even the base itself is thoughtfully designed to make the most of space. I have the beautyblender solid cleaner and that tin fits perfectly into one of the nooks around the base. I love the variety that Benjabelle offers. The Daisy is great choice for someone who has many different sized brushes and very limited space.

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Brandi C.
Brandi C.'s Review Image

I love this, it's not to big, easy to break down, and it holds the brushes really well. I like the mesh covers to put over the brushes just because it gives it a super nice shape once dry. I wash mine at night, the next morning there dry and ready to use. I have invested in the Wayne Goss collection and this was a must have.

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Teri A.
Mixed Feelings

I'm very old school. I've been drying my brushes by hanging them over a countertop for many years. The problem I have with the Benjabelle is, the larger the brush, the most likely you will have to intervene and help it along with drying time. The drip dry concept makes sense. But it never fails that my fattest, fullest brushes do not dry correctly. I always end up having to take them down the next day and run them along a dry towel to help take away the moisture in the middle, and then put them back into the Benjabelle. Also, be very, very careful with the two pieces that comprise the stand. I lost one section and it fell onto my tile floor. It shattered into two pieces. I'd never dropped it before and was surprised that it wasn't made to last. So be warned.

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Janine B.

Ok...the couple who came up with this product are genius. I have been washing every brush of mine constantly since I got this, now that I have such an easy way of drying them! Before this invention, I would lay my brushes flat on a towel, but I know that this can still cause water to seep into the glue that holds the bristles together. Seeing as I have invested in a great deal of high quality brushes (Wayne Goss and others!!), this is the most helpful invention to allow the water to drip completely the opposite way of the glue. Also, the assembly is super easy, and this stand breaks down in about 1 second and you can store it flat when you aren't using it.

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Sandra C.

Ok I have to say I like thing to be fast but I like thing to be natural. I get to wash and dry my brush with out any trouble now, well almost now if you can make a cat proof brush tree that will work.

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Christine L.
Where has this been in all of my makeup life?

I bought this at the beginning of the year and never opened the box. It got lost in a pile of clutter. Finally I decided to test this out when I found it during seasonal tidying up. This tree takes up a surprisingly small amount of space for what it actually does. It's much easier than my old method: I would prop wet brushes against a towel wrapped clipboard with a rubber band. The entire surface of the brush gets dried evenly, something my clipboard couldn't do. When the tree is left there without brushes, I'd like to think it's a small, functioning modern sculpture. This is a great item to have, but I knocked a star for two things: 1. My super skinny brushes (looking at you, Real Techniques liner and highlighter brushes) decide to point at random directions rather than stay vertical. 2. The larger openings cannot hold my heavy/oversized brushes (hi there Hourglass powder brush).

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Angela W.
So compact!
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Perfect size, Perot product! Holds more than one brush per slot! My brushes are happy they get to dry properly now and not flat on a towel! Now I need the bristle!!! Thanks for making a great product that even breaks down easy for travel!😉

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K W.
AWESOME!! Will b back 4 MORE!

I (like everyone else) always dried my brushes lying flat. And didn't see reason 2 change... until experiencing my new found love 4 Chikuhodo Z brushes! My mindset was--if I was going 2 shell out that kind of $$$ 4 brushes--u better believe I was going 2 take every precaution to give them the proper care they deserved! So in thinking I'd do this 4 Chikuhodo alone, I bought the smallest size 'tree'. However, I had NO idea I'd love this product so much that I'd b inclined 2 use it 4 ALL my brushes! So --YES!--I'll b placing an order soon b/c I'm gonna buy several more of these babies in all different sizes! I truly do love this product THAT much! Makes me look 4ward 2 cleaning my brushes--so easy plus it looks attractive alongside my vanity decor! :D

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Keitha D.
A Beauty Junkie Must-Have

I used to lay my brushes on a towel at an angle but my brushes did not dry properly this way. The side of the brush that lay on the towel was usually still a little damp after a couple hours. I was elated when I saw this being offered by beautylish, my brushes dry evenly and free up space on my desk.

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Emily N.

This stand is so fantastic! The damn thing is so handy to have and is great for drying your brushes. Sometimes I'll even use it just to hold all my everyday "go to" brushes so they're easy to just grab and it does a great job. Only a few issues I have with it is that the holes are oval shaped and don't hold most of my brushes straight so they'll lean to the side (not terrible, just annoying). Also, because it is shipped "flat packed" the pieces are very tight and hard to click in at first, but over time they become too loose (I'm not assembling it and disassembling it either, this has just happened after being knocked around a little). I do really recommend it though - it's one of the easiest ways to dry your brushes!

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