Brush Tree Spinner


Masiel M.
Nice Weight

I found that my brush tree was a bit too unstable for my liking when it didn't have any brushes drying on it. If I knocked into the table where the tree sits between uses, or carry it where I wash my brushes, it would wobble and sometimes the top would pop off. The spinner has deep-enough grooves for the base of the tree to sit in, so the unit as a whole is more stable. I can grab the spinner itself instead of one of the legs when moving it. I also can place my Beauty Blender on the spinner between two of the legs and my brush cleanser between another two. Doesn't seem like much, but when you're trying to balance multiple items between 2 rooms, any help you get is more than welcome!

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Moe M.
Very Useful
Moe M.'s Review Image

I've been washing my brushes for a long time without this, so it's not a "must have", but it makes the drying process easier and I don't have to worry about my ferrules loosening or my brushes losing their shape.

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Jennifer P.
Just as useful!

I know it's just a spinner, but I'm so glad I decided to get it. Love the convenience of it! Simple thing that makes a difference. Very smooth spinning.

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Lisa S.
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Love this idea. I am going to leave my tree out now. I used to put it away after each use but it's so cute on the base. So much easier now to get the brushes in and out. I just s-p-i-n it right around ... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Valerie S.
Practical and lovely design for all makeup brushes

This is the coolest invention ever for makeup philes. Hold brushes of every weight nicely. Brushes dry perfectly upside down so as not to ruin their glue. Attractive design and the used of the rotating wheel makes this makeup product a true hit! I definitely recommend it for any makeup artists or anyone who uses brushes to make up their fabulous self. I think they even make a PINK color on their own company website. Buy this, you won't be disappointed. This product should win an award for best design!

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Amy S.

It's great to see my brushes all in place with Brush Tree. I don't just use it to dry my brushes, I kind of just place my brushes there permanently so they all look nice and tidy and I can just grab them at a glance if I needed them. Best to go with the spinner imo as I do not want to keep moving the whole thing around for getting a brush. Loving these combo big time. Must have if you love makeup and a organized place to work with.

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Diane B.

I've been searching for the perfect product and I've finally found it. Drying your make up brushes upside down will keep the life shelf of your brushes longer. Genius idea, absolutely love this product. My mom will be purchasing one as well.

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Maria J.

This is the best buy I ever made, it actually help me clean the brush cut in half instead of using towel where to lay my clean brush and waiting for it to dry out.

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Coco D.
Solid Spinner; But Do You Need It?

This base is a solid piece surprisingly. The brush stand itself is much lighter and made of a normal sort of acrylic. I bought this and the stand together and I do use both. Do you NEED it? Not sure... The brush stand itself does the job of drying your brushes without the base. But I purchased it as I like to have items feel "complete". I only have a small bench space so I probably wouldn't have needed it, but I will keep it because I know I will make room in the future to spin this thing around just for fun as my collection of things keeps growing. Another point, it does hold the stand in place and is not flimsy.

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Shir W.
Love the Benjabelle w/Spiinner Base (sold separately)

Glad I finally decided to purchase. Much better than keeping my Wayne Goss Dace & Eye Brushes in the brush canisters esp with the Brush Guards on. Thanks Alicia for your assistance!