Benefit Cosmetics

Total Moisture Facial Cream


Hannah E.
Love it!

I use this as my nightly face cream and I love it. It smells so relaxing, it feels great and it leaves my skin moisturized and oil-free in the morning (after I wash my face of course). It balances most of the oil that my face secretes and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It's a very thick cream so don't get freaked out with that. I use enough so that I've got a nice shiny layer on my face when I've worked in all that I can (after using my pore minimizing treatment which tends to leave me a little dried out) and then I go to bed. If one were to use it as a morning lotion, only a little is needed because of how thick it is. Regardless, I love this product, it lasts a long time, and when I run out of it in, like, 2018, I will definitely repurchase haha

Joanna M.
Silky feel

Got it as a free perk at sephora. I have combination skin type and it's usually hard for me to find a moisturizer that I like and this one did the job! Not greesy at all and has an Amazing smell

Jessica J.
Its very POTENT!!!!
Photo of product included with review by Jessica J.

I have very dark under eye circles but after this eye product for only 2 weeks im seeing awesome results. Ive used lots of eye products but never seen such awesome results so quick. I would most def recommended this cream to friends and family. I will never go with out this product ever again.

Lena B.
I love this!

It smells soooooo good! And the packaging is adorable. I left it sitting on my desk for a week because I just didn't want to ruin the lovely packaging but once I did, I definitely wasn't disappointed. It's by far the most moisturizing cream I've tried. It's nice and thick and absorbs quite well, surprisingly. Despite the price, I think I'd buy it again.

Oonagh O.

I got a sample bottle and I will honestly cry when it's gone lol It smells lovely and feels really nice on your skin. I even noticed that my spots/redness have disappeared from using this.

Lena W.

I got a sample of this product from Sephora and I am soooo obsessed with it. The best moisturizer I've ever tried. It's somehow ultra-conditioning without being heavy. The thick and creamy consistency soaks into the skin nice and quickly. I love this face cream!

Becca H.

My face gets so flakey and dry all year round especially in the winter Im so grateful to have found this! Smoothes face all over and really hydrates .. My miracle worker!!!

Kristina A.
Really does what it says it does

My face gets dry from exfoliating and this really helps with moisturizing those rough patches on your face. I got this as a sample when I was purchasing products at Sephora and now I think I will definitely come back and buy the full size. The cream is not heavy at all, nor is it oily. It gives the exact amount of moisture that my face needs. I have been searching for a long time for a face cream that was this light. I absolutely adore it and would recommend it to everyone.

Stephanie H.
Must have night cream!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I use the Total Moisture on my skin at night time. I have extremly dry skin and have never really found a perfect night cream. Some came close. But this one is by far the best. It does not make me feel sticky like some can by morning time. This one in the morning all I feel is smooth, fresh skin. Also,the smell is amazing. Very fresh and light. The best part a little goes a very long way.

Adriana P.

I fell in love with this cream the first time I used it! Total Moisture is really what it gives U. Because it's more on the thicker side I love to use it on a No-MakeUp-Day or when I just have a lot of time to let my skin soak it in. I don't use it before I go to bed because then I prefer my clean start "bedtime for breakouts" cream because I need something for my acne. I don't find that the benefit cream is good for's more to prevent dryness and it lets your face look shiny and healthy, just very natural but without looking greasy.

But the best part of it is the SMELL!!!!! Mmmhm...smells like cucumbers but not to heavy just fresh and perfect after getting up! The packaging is also quite cute, very beachy and "summerish" =)

This cream does a really good job and I think it's worth its price!