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marcella e.
bought one as a GIFT

i decided to buy this for my friend because she was looking for body shimmer (NOT glitter) for her wedding photo shoot and wedding day. she bought some products but still not satisfied because most of them only showing lots of glitter instead of shimmer, and there is no benefit store back home (i live overseas). she told me she really love this product, smells good, and give what she wants (shimmer not glitter!), besides the packaging is really cute. i believe i bought it around 300++RMB or usd45 i guess

Davia G.
Grown-up's Secret to Shimmering Effortlessly

This has been another of favorite must have's from Benefit! I have loved and stockpiled this thick, luxurious , velvety , moisturing, slice of sweet, shimmery, sexy body loving balm in a tin! This balm is great to use anytime of the day and is great to use on your skin when you want a subtle glow from head to toe! I enjoy the fact it goes on so smooth with the velvety black mitten and enjoy that the feeling of smooth lasts all night long! I do miss the bodywash that once complimented this product! A must have for any women who enjoy looking good, feeling good, smelling fab from head to toe!

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Cremitas P.

Uno de los productos de belleza más lujosos y coquetos que he podido tener. Un bálsamo de textura ultrasuave que humecta la piel y la deja suavemente perfumada con un aroma ultrafemenino y una apariencia de seda. Súper sexy, súper femenino. ¡Lo quiero otra vez!

Myrna P.

I bought this last week just to try it out and I will come back to get it most definitely. Gives your skin a nice finish to it and you can use it on your whole body. It has a very nice scent to it and makes you feel sexy. I will only use in the summer

Angela W.
Smells great, silky finish.

Gives you a sexy glow and has a nice scent to it. Just think about what perfume you're going to be wearing so you don't clash! Sometimes I go a little overboard applying this and end up giving my skin a little too much of a pink sheen. But if you can manage to hold back and apply just a little, it's great!

Nikita M.

Lovely scented.. it doesnt make u glimmer like you have tons of glitter, just gives you that smooth velvety finish... and yes the light bounces of so beautifully. it will make you glow in your photographs!

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Cyndy A.
The smell is divine!

The silkiness, the fragance (clean but sexy), the retro-sleek metal packaging...I am in love....

After the shower when I'm all dry this is a must. Just be mindful if you put on dark clothing it can leave a little white residue...almost worth it though.

Kikikulala L.

Very smooth on my legs and smell SOoooooooooooooooooooo good