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Sun Beam


Mary S.

Sun Beam is one of Benefit's newer products, released earlier this year. This product is described as a "golden bronze highlighter to give you a natural sunkissed radiance. Dot and blend over makeup on cheek and brow bones for a bronzed glow that compliments all skin tones. It's liquid sunshine in a bottle!". Whoa there Benefit, lets not make silly claims here. I got a tiny 2.5ml sample of Sun Beam in Benefit's Sexy Little Stowaways value kit. The full size bottle contains 13ml (.45fl oz) retails for $26, giving my little sample a value of around $5. Benefit does not test on animals, but doesn't consider themselves "cruelty free", you can read more about that in their FAQ. Sun Beam was made in France. Benefit products are available at the brand's website, free standing Benefit boutiques, Benefit counters in select department stores, Sephora, and Ulta. My mini bottle of Sun Beam is pretty different from the full size version. This little tube kinda looks like a mini lip gloss. The tube is an opaque bronzy gold shade that's just about the same color as the actual product. The name of the product is written vertically on the front of the tube, along with Benefit's logo. A small amount of product information can be found on the back of the tube. Twisting off the black cap will reveal a small, stiff brush applicator that's super saturated in product. This brush is only for dotting the product onto your face, do not attempt to use it to blend the product out, that's what fingers are for. Sun Beam is a bronzey gold, creamy, liquid highlighter. I believe that Sun Beam is the liquid version of Watts Up?. Sun Beam is actually quite thin, blending easily and evenly into the skin. This highlight is on the shimmery side and seems opaque if you make a quick swatch of it, but once blended out Sun Beam becomes quite sheer, but still retails some golden warmth. When I initially swatched Sun Beam I thought it would be way too much for my very pale complexion. It was so shimmery, so bronzey, something that would look stunning on tan skin, but not me, I'm too pink and fair. Boy was I wrong. I applied Sun Beam to the cheekbones - just four dots, compared to the eight dots I use when I apply High Beam. I blended this highlighter out and wow...this is by far the most realistic, natural, complimentary highlight ever! Sun Beam warms my face up in the way a bronzer would, but without imparting as much color. The golden glow is still there, but its no where near as strong as it shows up in a swatch. The glowy golden sheen really gives the effect of being out in the sun without actually going outside, which is great for attic dwellers like myself. Benefit's Sun Beam has quickly become my new favorite liquid highlighter. I much prefer it over it's sister High Beam. I find that the warm golden effect is so beautiful and flattering. I wish I had a larger sample size, I feel like I'm going to finish this tiny tube up so quickly. I won't splurge on the nearly $30 full size, but I'll snatch up another sample size as soon as I can in another Benefit value kit. Try Sun Beam some time, don't like it's bronzey hue intimidate you, the effect is so subtle and pretty. I don't know why Sun Beam doesn't get more buzz, it seems universally flattering. Definitely a new favorite from Benefit.

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Heidi T.
Highbeam OR Sunbeam ... THAT is the question!
Photo of product included with review by Heidi T.

Highbeam OR Sunbeam ... THAT is the question! Checkout my demo and comparison review video and decide for yourself!

Veronica M.

This works best on dark skin tones!! I use it mostly for cheek bones and the bridge of my nose. Blend it real well! On cheek bones blend toward your hair line and not go above your eye area.

Meaghan S.
Awesome bronzer!

I apply this to the back of my hand and then add my laura mercier silk creme foundation and mix them together and then apply to my face with beautyblender, awesome combo! This will last me for so long, so worth the high price tag, defs worth picking up and trying, i havent used it on its own (not mixed in with a foundation), i think it is best if it is, for an all over glow :)

Ana J.

I'M IN LOVE!! This is my favorite summer product!! :) Perferct for olive to dark skin tones!! :) It gives you a beatiful glow! It is worth every penny! Perfect for everyday or night makeup!

Chelsea H.
Amazing amazing amazing.

This stuff is perfection. I have been wanting to try a highlighter for ages but I find it a bit hard to find any that suit my olive skin tone. I went to Sephora and picked this up on a whim and have been using it every day since. It gives you the most beautiful lightly bronzed glow — so perfect for looking sun kissed in the summer!

Bella T.
Photo of product included with review by Bella T.

Gives a super pretty bronze glow to the skin. It really does make my skin looking radiant and sun kissed ♥ I love this so much. It just suits my skin very well and will work for both natural or heavier makeup!

I do not use them directly from the bottle with the brush because I think it is quite unhygienic. So instead, I usually put some products to the back of my hand and then apply them to my face with my fingers. But I'm perfectly fine with it as it gives me more control over the application. Their staying power is good. They stay on my face throughout the day. I still have that nice healthy glow on my skin even after 8-10 hours outside.

Stephanieeeeee F.
Great subtle bronzer!

Benefits sun beam is a golden bronze skin tone enhancer that lends a little extra bronze to your face for a sun-kissed glow. This is a must-have product to compliment your tan this summer, as it will accentuate your added colour! The packaging and application procedure is identical to high beam, making it very easy to work with. Unlike some other bronzers, it is also very forgiving and easy to play around with.

Iffat S.
bronze queen!!

My friend got me hooked on this and a the other colors. At first it wouldnt show up on me then...I did something amazing...I mixed it with my foundation and its amaziiing!!! It looks like Im bronzed and gives a healthy glow....

Em W.
Not a Must-Have

I love that this product is versatile and wonderfully easy to apply. However, I don't like the shade as much as I would like to. While Moonbeam and Highbeam work well on cooler and rosier skin tones, likewise Sunbeam WOULD be expected to look good on warmer, bronzed tones--it doesn't necessarily work on everyone. Because it is highly pigmented, I find that if you want a subtle glow, you have to be very light-handed in how much you apply, and, furthermore, if you apply too much, you have to blend it out with foundation. Benefit can be overpriced for what they are, but I will give them credit for creating a golden-hued highlight--I haven't found a dupe yet!