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Smokin' Eyes


Natalie C.
Smokey Eyes for Dummies

There are so many variations of a smokey eye and it's nice to see such an easy palette to do it with. I'm wearing this palette in my profile picture.

I'm someone who has a hard time pulling off smokey eye looks, but this was super useful and easy for me. The shadow shades all have a degree of shimmer to it but it's just the right amount. As tasteful as a smokey eye look can get :-P

Amy G.
Cute and useful!

I really love this little set, it's very handy and the packaging is lovely. The eye shadows are quite pigmented and the little brushes and tweezers are lovely! The eyeliner I found was a bit tough to apply, but it last a long time once you have it on. The eyebrow wax is great too, but I have to be careful as even in the light shade it is a bit too dark for me.

I bought this for £6.50 inc. p&p on ebay, so if I could find it at that price again, I would definitely repurchase.

Amelia R.

The set is really helpful to get a very wearable smokey eye. The little directions included turn out to be a really soft look, and it's made me try doing smokey eyes more often!

Amanda K.

this is such a cute set. it has little tweezers that are better than the ones that are in brow-zings, eye bright, the brow wax, and the perfect smokey shades. the brush is small so obviously use your own, but we all know never use what it comes with. that being said though, the brushes it comes with ARE good, especially taking their sizes into account. before i started really dramatically smoking the eye, this kit started me PERFECTLY. i believe its about 45 bucks canadian so its steep, but the eyebright pencil alone is 20, plus three shades, etc.

it really creates a perfect smoky eye. i miss having this set very much. the colours are great and you can make this beautiful eye in minutes with all you need provided for you right there. instructions are included. and the shades are so silky!! the fluff brush is actually better than their other brushes i find..

anyway, great stuff. lol