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Benefit Cosmetics



Danielle H.

I love this product so much! I use it daily on my lips and checks. It adds a natural color for my everyday look. I would recommend this to anyone.

Heidi T.
See it for Yourself! I made a demo and a makeup look with this product.

I personally love Benefit Cosmetics and Posietint was one of the first products I love and keep buying. It is a gorgeous poppy pink lip & cheek stain. Of course, we're all different and we all need different things, plus Benefit products are not cheap at all! So I decided to made a video with a demo of this amazing product and even comparing it to Benefit Benetint. Take a peek and decide for yourself if this is the right product for you or not.

Here's a makeup look I achieved using Benefit Posietint

Chrissy S.
Gorgeous color that lasts forever!

Benetint and Posietint are the same things basically, just different colors. Benetint is a more deeper cherry pink while posietint is more of a peach bubblegum pink. It works very well on my skintone and I love how long it lasts! You can use it on both your cheeks and lips which makes it a great 2 in 1 product. The only problem that might bother other people (it doesn't bother me that much) is if you happen to taste the product, it has a very strange and bitter taste to it, so try to wait for it to dry before you lick your lips!

Kristin E.

I Love Love Love Benfit Posietint! The color looks perfect everytime and it goes with many diffrent skin colors since it blends to your skin! I do not however like it on my lips I almost feel that without a gloss over it my lips dry out so fast. I use this everyday on my cheecks and it lasts forever no reapplying!

Sofie U.

This color is the perfect and most natural pink cheek color for me and it lasts all day! I'm not sure what I think of the packaging, but I do find the product quite easy to apply. It's also fairly easy to blend it out and avoid streaks. It doesn't show up on my lips at all though, but I didn't buy it for that anyway, so it's okay, lol ;)

Christina T.
Love how this gives me a subtle pinky glow to my cheeks!
Christina T.'s Review Image

Poisietint looks super bright pink in the bottle but once I swipe it on my cheeks and rub it in gently, it gives the most healthy pink glow. I unfortunately have dry skin so I love how this liquid stain goes on super easy and doesn't settle into lines or catch on flakes of skin. When I want brighter cheeks, I layer this first and brush powdered blush on top. I also like using Poisietint on my lips for an extra pinky color (add a lip balm first though since like Victoria said below, it can be drying).

Cate M.

As long as you work with this very quickly, it is great for a settle pink tint to your cheeks and a nice rosy glow! It is a little pricey, but it will last you about a year. You can even wear this in the pool or at the beach because its a stain!

Sarah B.
Love it@
Sarah B.'s Review Image

I tried this tint on a whim while shopping at Sephora. I typically don't wear much product on my lips because I don't like the texture and I don't like a lot of color. I thought I would try something new for spring/summer so I used the tester in the store (is that gross? lol). For $29 I was afraid to spend the money without loving it first. I do! I've been posie pink all day through lunch and walking around outside and it doesn't smear/transfer on anything. The color is really pretty. I think I might have to shell out the money and go for it!

Leanna A.
Great product!

it matches basically every skin tone. The shade matches with my skin tone during the summer with my tan and in the winter when i look quite comparable to a snow bunny. This color can be used on a daily basis or can be built up to look dramatic, if necessary. I feel that best results are achieved when using a lip balm before applying the stain ^-^ - "imperfection is beauty [and] madness is genius."- Marilyn Monroe

Deepti M.

I really like this color. It's great for cheeks for a slight pink blush, although I usually layer a powder blush over it. On lips, it's a "my lip color but better" type shape. It's kind of expensive, so I don't know if I'd buy this again, but I'm definitely debating it. In the end, I'll probably give in and purchase it. It's a great product, I feel like it'd work best if you had a lighter-skin tone.