Benefit Cosmetics

Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner


Nicole A.

I'm honestly not a fan of the benefit line, most of there products are just meh or blah to me. I picked this up because sephora was out of my usual kvd liquid liner, and I'm glad I did. This liner is probably the most pigmented liquid liner I've ever used jet jet black, and the control of the tip is amazing, another thing is I only have to dip once to line my whole upper lid which is a huge thing for me when it comes to liquid. It does not smudge and stays exactly where I put it!!! I honestly love this stuff, I hope benefit continues to make it for a long time because it has become my HG liquid, and did I mention jet jet black love it lol (:

Jessica H.

My heart will always be with a liquid liner. Brush style is the best, felt-tips fray and cannot give the razor-thin line I prefer. This one is a favorite for many reasons: +brush very thin yet stiff enough to extend out the line without any splaying or thickening +formula is NOT waterproof, which is ideal as it doesn't clump up in my lashes, doesn't peel off in patches, and is very easy to tidy up and correct the line +it is very VERY long wearing, no problems thus far with smudging or flaking, even after 16+ hrs of wear, plus working out. +not shiny, not matte, but a perfect happy medium +deep, rich black, not the ashy gray or flat black I've (ironically) found with h/e lines. Highly recommend if you prefer the old-school liquids of 10+years ago, now becoming impossible to find in the sea of gaudy, vinyl liquid liners.

Lisa U.

It has taken me a while to find a good liquid liner and this is it! Having small eyes it's hard to find a liner with a brush that lets you apply such a small amount without looking OTT. This product has a small flexible brush/applicator which allows you to apply as little or as much as you like. Also the Jet Black colour stays Jet Black until removal which is a rare find for me. Magic Ink is a must for lovers of liquid eyeliner!

N D.
super thin bristled applicator, fantastic pigmentation, smudges

This liner is definitely meant for precision jobs. It has an actual bristle brush that is super fine. If you need to put down a thick line of product, be prepared to spend some time doing it.

The formula is incredibly pigmented. This is hands down the blackest black liner I've ever seen.

It doesn't have the greatest staying power. It does tend to smudge on me and if your eyes water at all, it will move around.

Hannah E.

I love Benefit but this was not my favorite product. This is not a matte-finish liner so if you're like me, don't even bother. Also, I bought this to make winged eyeliner a bit easier and (my eyes water just a little bit on the outer corners) I didn't find it stayed on very well with my eyes.

Salwa C.

can't say I'm a huge fan of liquid eyeliner to begin with, so I'm a bit biased. I like the applicator, but the formula itself was not anything amazing to me. It seems a lot like the sonia kashuk liquid liner, which is a lot like the Sephora brand liquid liner. When it dries, it leaves a shine which I am not a fan of. In fact, I have yet to find a liner that does not leave a shine after it dries. Also, i found that it stains my eyelids (my eyelids are relatively dry) for two days, after using makeup removal wipes.This is an average product, but not worth any hype or the price.