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It's Potent Eye Cream


Fräulein R.

I use this eye cream only during day time. It absorbes so quickly, that i can start with my eye-make up right after aplying. My under eye area looks so hydrated and smooth. The texture is more on the creamy side and the fragrance ofthis product is barely noticable. Love it

Miranda G.

So far I've been noticing the fine lines in my eyes disappear and skin getting firmer :) and leaves my eyes feeling very smooth :) usually I use ponds eye cream and it works just as well :)

Meerzz D.
Love it!

Simply put... good results and it's not sticky at all! My results were more visible with the fine lines... I've had good results with the black circles themselves but not as visible as the fine line's results were. Apply it twice daily and you'll get results.

Plus... irresistibly cute package!

Lexie  F.
Just love it!

I've never been that into eye creams until this year when I was stressing badly for exams, and my under eyes looked like two purple sacs of fatigue and anxiety. I bought this product 2 days ago and already I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin, no more puffy bags and very little purpleness! I absolutely love this product- I would totally recommend this to everyone who just finished their exams and is just so far out of their beauty routine that they can't even look in the mirror.....

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Kelly M.
"It's Potent" is not potent at all

I bought this eye cream in hopes of it doing exactly what it's advertised to do - fade dark circles and smooth fine lines. I used it consistently for months and it didn't accomplish either. My dark circles and fine lines are as noticeable as ever. Yes, it moisturizes, but that is not what this eye cream is marketed for, and there are plenty of other less-expensive products that will moisturize the skin around your eyes.

Shannon R.
Feels good, works good, but expensive

I have only been using this product for a week now twice a day and I am already seeing a difference in my skin's hydration (around my eyes). A little goes a long way which is good. I don't know if I will buy this again because of the price but at Ulta's Benefit brow bar you can ask for samples (sample lasts about 1 week!).

Ingrid N.

I wanted to like this, because its Benefit (which I love) and the packaging is tres cute. But it turned out to be a disappointment. My dark circles didn't fade in the slightest. It wasn't very moisturizing. And it broke me out. I apply this by patting a small amount on the area surrounding the eye, and I find that area tends to itch after I use this, and red spots begin to appear. Moreover, the product itself seemed to shrink in the jar, and turned more yellowish in color. Pricey too. Trashed it.

Amelia R.

Every other eye cream I've used has left this weird, sticky residue on my skin. It's like the product dries there instead of actually moisturizing my skin. But this stuff absorbs almost immediately, I have no bags anymore, and I love it. Definitely a good buy.

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Melissa P.

I've been looking for a great eye cream to use, and I've found it with It's Potent. I love it! It's super rich, and really soothing. Just a little goes a long way, so this will last you quite a while. Definitely adds some brightness under my eyes. Love, love, love it!

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Emily S.
I'm a fan!

This is a very thick eye cream, but it soaks into the skin SO quickly! It hasn't made a huge difference in my undereye circles, but I really like how soft and smooth the skin is after I've used it. I say it's a keeper!

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