Benefit Cosmetics

High Flyin' Glosses


Claire P.

So when I saw these I had to have them. I really wanted these and ugh I was just crazy over them. Now that I have them... So I made the stupid decision of not reading the info and seeing they were minis, not the actual size which was a huge "wow!" To me. THEY ARE VERY TINY! Though when I saw them I thought the colors were really pretty and I was like okay so they can't be that bad. And they were a good size for traveling or for taking to class and walking around campus and all that. Well, when I tried them they were sheer. I tried every color and they all looked the same, with hints of color that you could see that made it different. The colors I'd say that do show up differently are the browns, those show up vividly on your lips. I didn't really like the texture of the glosses. I like thicker glosses, but these are super thin and if you don't mind your lips gliding all the time you may like these. Also even when the lip glosses are off you could feel the residue on your lips and to me it feels like they're still on. Overall, they're okay. I probably wouldn't buy these again, it really depends if I'd suggest it to someone I just don't like these type of glosses.