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High Brow Eyebrow Highlighting Pencil


Brooke R.
Too thick

Not my favorite brow-lighter. It has the texture of a MAC paint pot, so thick and difficult to blend so you don't have the cakes on look. If it were any thinner it would be perfect. High beam is a little easier to work with.

Christina L.
Successful purchase!

I found this on a makeup outlet website cheap and wanted to try it for a while. I'm very big on highlights, especially when it comes to the brow bone. I have tried tons of products but this is one of my favorites. I love the pigmentation and the color it gives.

Maura Z.
Love it!!

I just recently purchased High Brow from Sephora and I already love it! it lifts your brows with its perfectly pink pigments and can also be used to replace eye bright. I just realized they were the same product but shaped differently. It makes your eyes look amazing anywhere you put it - whether its under your brow or bottom lashline!

Wafi A.

I received this product from a gift card. I was surprised with how much I really liked the product.

It lasts all day and blends easily. My favorite part about this product is that it's a pencil. It's super easy to use. I love the color for my skin as well. I though it would be too pale, but surprisingly it worked really well.

Amanda K.
havent found anything quite like it

great for those days when you have a few stray hairs that need to be plucked but havent got the time. its also great as a browbone highlight.. and it actually visually lifts the brow. great stuff but i cant find it anymore!!

Jenny N.

Great product! It definitely lifts your brow, highlights it and make it look sharp and crisp! I also like to use it for the inner corners of my eye (tear duct) as a base and then applying color on top or just by itself to brighten up my eye!