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Full-Finish Lipstick


Vanessa F.
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My favorite neutral pink lipstick by far! I am in love with the formula - creamy, long lasting, and doesn't sink into fine lines. It doesn't dry out my lips at all. I normally pair all my lipsticks with a lip gloss but I didn't feel the need to with this one because of the subtle sheen it gives. It's an amazing pinky nude. Totally recommend it!

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Megan B.

I am soo in love with this colour and the lipstick! Not only is it creamy and lasts ALL DAY ! The colour is lush , bright barbie pink but, suttle to depending on how much you apply. I never wore lipstick before now i cant leave the house without it! lovley pop of colour you must buy this !!! i have had it 7 months and its still going, wow!

Monica C.
Love It!

This is my go to color when I do bridal makeup. It is the perfect pinky-nude. It is creamy, so the lasting power isn't wonderful, but overall I love it and will continue to buy it and use it on my clients.

Melanie K.
Lady's Choice - for a true nude lip!

I have this in Lady's Choice, which is the first shade I have tried in this range. I am not usually very fond of nude lips; however, this is my ideal lip colour of choice, when I do feel like rocking a realistic, true-hue, nude lip. What I like most about this sleek, easy to apply lipstick is its deeply moisturising formula, with an especially rich, urber creamy, butter-like texture, fully loaded with pigment for an abundance of saturated colour and a subtle, slightly glossy, shimmer-free finish. The reason I am personally not fussed on a nude lip is that I am not overly confident that the neutral hues even suit me. When I first tried this shade, it seemed to look like my lips had done the vanishing act and magically disappeared. It also make me look washed out and somewhat sickly. (eww, not a good look) I have since discovered though, if I pair a slightly darker liner to the outline of my lips and fill in my natural lip colour, forging a base underneath, the colour becomes more flattering and amazingly gives the impression that my thin lips are a little plumper than normal. It’s really starting to grow on me this one (at least for the minimal makeup days), but I’m still keen as to try out some of the different colour options from the same range.