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Dr. Feelgood


Aalia M.
I don't know.

This was an impulse buy from dutyfree on a flight I was on. It was either this or Benefit's concealer/correcter set. I don't know how much I like this. The scent is strong for me, and stays for a while after application. The sponge is pretty mediocre. It's hard to get out of the tin and requires me to pinch it, which inevitably picks up some product. It also picks up way too much lint and particles. I have yet to try the product out with just my fingers, but so far it the sponge seems to deposit enough. After using it under concealer, it makes my concealer look so much more natural, as if I had applied powder over it. However at the end of the day, there was a noticeable crease in the fine lines under my eye. Even if I tried to smudge it out evenly again with my finger, it didn't work. It does do a good job of keeping my free matte, which is good. It doesn't seem to help my pores much. I will be keeping this, but I don't know if I will spend the money to buy it again.

Hayley Louise S.
Felt like gel on my face. Shiny gel!

"No no no no no! This isn't what it should be doing!?"

Those were my words when I saw my face after I applied this!

It was shiny, it was sticky, it felt like gel on my face, it just 'sat' on top. I thought I had picked up a tub of Vaseline and smeared it over my face.

I persevered and use my normal foundation.....nope, still didn't like it. Wiped it all off and started again without it.

Not for me.

Alexa W.
Depends on you

A lot of people are confused about this product, although it says its supposed to minimize pores and it doesn't very well, it is a really good product if you want your face to be smooth. It could be used as a primer if that is how you want to view it.

For me i love the texture and the smell, it made my face very soft and i loved it! I have regular to dry skin so this was perfect for me. I guess it all just depends on you.

Metta X.
It was Okay.

I was really excited when I purchased this product. My cousin had this product and her skin looked amazing (& that was probably because she has naturally beautiful skin). I decided to purchase this product myself and was really disappointed when I didn't notice anything different on my face. I thought to myself "So what exactly DOES this product do to my skin?" I was really confused and did some online research about it. I should have read reviews before purchasing this. But when it does come in handy when I do makeup on other people. This product works good on some skin types only. Too bad it doesn't work on mine.

Davia G.
Great For Bare Skin!!

I love the smell of this product and what it does for my pores on the days I want to be bare-faced and fancy free! I do like how it tames the mirror reflection my usually shiny forehead provding me the freedom to not have to obsess over it! I like how it makes my skin feel silky smooth

Shinu G.
Hit and Miss

It was alright. It worked some days and then some days it didn't. I would try it under my makeup, over my makeup, and then when I would sweat. I live in Houston and its HOT! Its alright of a product.

Ellie T.
used as a primer

I love this stuff I've had it in my box of make up for a while now i just recently rediscovered it and i must say i love it as my primer i was breaking out from my other primers and i just needed something to make my skin have less texture and this does it so i use it in my daily routine and i just pat it on with a disposable sponge and smooth it out all over my face after then apply my foundation and its soo good i know its used as a primer but that's how it works for me

Andii J.
OK for some people

I found that it really does make a difference to makeup application. The silicone-base acts as a ‘filler’ for skin imperfections, and coupled with the Vitamin C infusion, it gives you that little extra boost of ‘glow factor’ for the evening out. It’s also got a nice mild citrus fragrance

Nancy-Lee C.

I tried so hard to like this. I wanted to like this. I just didn't. I was even excited it came with a sponge and I wouldn't have to use my fingers! I'm not exactly sure what it does - I just felt like I was applying layer after layer of foundation primer. lol. Perhaps, because I don't have rough textured skin, it idn't seem as thought it 'worked'. Yet, I have large pore and I didn't see a different in their concealment / size after use.

The sponge and me, weren't friends. It always seemed to have lint on it which either transferred to my face or made the top of the product dirty. In the end, I tossed it out. :-(

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Akruti A.
Love it!

I recently got this and have used it everyday since! I agree with a few of the other reviews when they say they're not sure what it's really meant to do, but as someone who doesn't wear foundation, it's great. It smooths out my skin and gives me an even tone giving the appearance of a little makeup! I recently travelled to America and had 2 flights, by the time I got there, my skin still looked fresh and I didn't look like I just had two uncomfortable flights!

One thing I would though, it can make you look a little dry and ashy if you put too much on, so be careful but other than that, I likes! ^_^