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Big Beautiful Eyes


Szesianne L.
Rediscovered love: Good coverage, creamy consistency, easy to blend. Love it!

I have been lamenting my lack of a good concealer to hide those big red mosquito bite spots on my face for a few days as all my concealers were sheer coverage under-eye concealers. To be honest, I never thought much of this concealer a few years back, but! I probably didn’t care that much about my skin then and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. As I have grown and matured (ahem), I realized that this baby did the trick! It is really awesome! I love the texture, it applies on like a dream and it is creamy with a nice consistency, not too watery and not too thick. It is buildable so if you only need sheer or heavy converage, this gem still works! Unfortunately, I think I have become fairer than I was when I bought this, so as you can see it doesn’t completely match my skin tone. No matter though, since it provides such awesome coverage, I layered this to cover up the redness first, then use a bb cream of the correct shade and stippled it over! I absolutely love it and am so glad I rediscovered it! It’s definitely going to appear in my August favourites and it is already a handbag staple for me!

Check out my blog for swatches!

Molly grace N.

In my everyday makeup bag, it's so lush and the colours are so versatile Only down side is the concealer dries up quite quickly ! The brushes are really useful and they make it so i don't have to take loads of eyeshadow brushes if i'm going to get ready for something like a party or family event !

Lydia C.
Brilliant for beginners

When I first got into makeup, I wanted to try a mixture of high end shadows and drugstore, however I wasn't quite prepared to spend £11 on an eyeshadow from mac like I would now. I saw this on the airplane while I was traveling and I instantly thought 'that's a great price' and just bought it automatically. I love the colours in this palette they are so pigmented and last forever! I'm more of a colour person now, but I still use this palette everyday for school. My one downside is that the concealer is a slight bit waxy.

Trina H.
Newbie to Eyeshadow, Look Like a Pro

Before purchasing this, I had NEVER EVER worn eyeshadow. Well, let me rephrase that. I have NEVER worn eyeshadow that actually complemented my eyes. That last time I did, it was a weird green color and for St. Patrick's Day, so that doesn't count.

Anyways, after consulting with Benefit's Beauty Barista, she suggested this kit for a newbie to eyeshadowing. She showed me some cool skills and before I knew it, I was home doing it myself and making my eyes look sexy and bigger.

A definite recommendation for those newbies out there or if you just want something for everyday wear :)

Daphne R.
The Perfect All In One Pallete

For my trip to Maui I decided to give up on the train case full of makeup and to pick / pack products that were multiple-function.

This palette really did the job. The colors are lovely, I used the Stay Don't Stray primer and the colors stayed fresh looking until I removed the eye makeup at night.

Also, between the instructions and the Benefit How-To Video on YouTube this palette is really goof proof. It has found a permanent spot in my travel makeup bag.

Amanda K.
just what it says

this is a great little kit if you like the natural eye look.

the only problem is that this came out before all these new and improved natural eye kits.. so people will probably prefer those..

but this is the first one i got and i still love the colours, they're unique to benefit and it comes with a concealer.. but beware, fair skinned gals, its a shade 2 [med.] it was fine for around my inner eye skin but on blemishes it just left a big brown blob