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BADgal Waterproof Mascara


Jenna G.
one of my favs

I love this Mascara it goes on so easily and creates a great look. I often use BADgal on my brides for a longer fuller lash look. You can go in and get every lash no1 gets left out like with some mascaras

Lauren H.
Awesome waterproof mascara

Love love love this mascara. The wand is small so you can get every lash and get an even coat and it sticks on there. It's so hard to get off, only make-up remover I found that took it off completely was Albolene. I love the way it made my lashes look, so long and full bold lashes. I've this since christmas and I haven't used it that much (only because of the price, I really dont want to spend 28 dollars again), and the other day I went to go use it and it was all dried up. very dissapointed about that but it happens. But overall it's awesome and definately beyond waterproof :P

Kaitlin K.

It doesn't smudge at all, which is the real reason I use this; I haven't found a waterproof mascara that stays put that long. While it might not be the most lengthening or thickening for me, I can trust it to not smudge down below my eyes after a few hours.

Yumi R.
Love this!

This makes my lashes super long and lush and most importantly it doesn't smudge or run! Since it is like most waterproof formulas you have to be careful by not applying too many coats otherwise it starts to clump and flake. A couple quick coats and you're good. My only wish is that it would give a little more volume but it's still one of my favourite mascara's and currently the one I use daily.