Benefit Cosmetics

BADgal Plum Mascara


Emily R.

I love this mascara! I have brownish red green eyes and putting this all along my bottom lashes really makes my eyes pop. Adding a gold highlight in the corner of my eye really tops it off too! It isn't a dark as the last picture shows, it's a lot more vibrant but wearing this with benefits Dallas face powder makes my face look flawless especially on a summers night.

Louise-Lesley J.
All Time Favourite!!

Literally my favourite make-up thing ever.

I found this a few years ago and it is my go-to mascara. I have such pale skin, with freckles, and pink cheeks (I imagine you all thinking I am a clown now - I ain't.. for the record.) and I can't get away with dark eyes with black mascara unless I go for the very dramatic look. Also I have really short hair, meaning that if my eyes are very dramatic, it is literally the highlight of my look.

With saying that - this plum mascara is just perfect. It is dark enough to really bring out my eyes, and has a hint of purple that makes it a fun look! I love it. I can't explain how much I love it!

Also, I'd like to point out that if you could just buy the exact same bottle/tube/mascara thingie-majig in black, brown and blue, I would - but no Benefit for some reason has to have a different brush and size for all them :S

Ngok S.
good color, but doesn't do much for lash volume

I just got this mascara last weekend after having read about it. I have brown eyes so thought it would be nice to try this plum mascara. The color is good and I do like the way the plum looks; doesn't make your lashes look super -purple but it's still a nice change from black. But I wish this product did more for my lash volume. I probably wouldn't buy again.

Veronica S.

I buy this mascara a month or 2 ago and... I didn't like AT ALL for me did show the color and a try it with a primer first and nothing I was so sad.. I can give to the mascara that make you lashes fuller and long if you apply 2 coat but I didn't see the plum color!