Benefit Cosmetics

BADgal Brown Mascara


Miranda G.
Love it ❤️

I love how it lengthens my eyelashes and doesn't clump it up 😀 very easy to take off and put on and doesn't leave me raccoon eyes when I'm trying to take off my makeup ☺️

Lani J.
My fave brown mascara

If I'm going for a natural look, this brown mascara is a must. I agree with Louise-Lesley J., it's the perfect shade of brown mascara. It's not too dark where it can appear almost black, but it's not too light where it looks like a blonde brow gel. It's perfect! When you wear this, it is very easy to see that you are actually wearing a brown colored mascara. I also like the wand, it separates the lashes well and evenly distributes the product. This mascara does not flake or smudge on me-an added bonus! Love it!

Louise-Lesley J.

A brilliant neutral colour. I don't think this is as light a brown as other mascaras I've tried in the past, but it is definitely not the darkest either!

The brush is much smaller than on the black one, and even smaller than what I consider to be normal for Benefit on the purple one. What confuses me is that the blue, plum, brown and black all are different sizes also!

The brown was the exact same price as the plum when I got it, yet it is a smaller tube! I don't understand!!

I asked on my counter during the sales at Christmas why it was smaller and the girls answer was that Brown isn't a very popular colour so they make it smaller so it doesn't go to waste - em, why the same price then ? /:

Jaime C.
It's okay.

I was really hoping for more "oomf" from this one, but the brush is just too thin, I think. I was looking to use this for an everyday, natural look with my blue/grey eyes, but I found I was putting on at least five layers… for a day…time…look… Exactly. Will not be repurchasing.