Bedhead by TIGI

Self Absorbed Mega Nutrient Conditioner


ashleyann a.
makes my hair silky smooth and easy to manage<3

I am absolutely loving this product! I have dry course hair from previous bleaching and the second I washed my hair I could feel the difference, but after styling I could really tell that it is a gift for dry hair!

Ive been using Aussie Moist;& I loved there conditioner but whenever I would use the shampoo I could literally see the dye just being ripped from my hair every time. which is such a sucky thing to see (the smell is absolutley amazing its a yummy tropical smell though that seems to sell me on most hair products that i buy) soo it was time for something new(:

, I wasnt into Bedhead Shampoos or Conditioners (but i use the styling manipulator alll the time) because when I tried there Control Freak shampoo and conditioner (which smells like pinapple) seemed to make my hair really oily and weighed down and it just felt gross and I havnt used any of there hair cleansing products in awhile,

but I forced my self to buy there dumb blonde hair reconstructor because i had heard good reviews and was hoping it would give some kind of help to my hair, and to my suprise i loved it (also smells like pinapples). so this opened my eyes back to the bed head brand

so i ran to costco checked out what kinds of sets they had and Self Absorbed sounded perfect for my hair type and i was right, I love the smell of oranges which is a switch from the pinapple ive been smelling all the time, its a nice change. this has automatically went to my number one hair cleansing product just because of the result ive been seeing on my hair. WOULD RECOMMEND for dry, course, damaged, andd straight broken hair(: haha